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The Veriton M series features the latest Intel processors, an optional graphics module and high storage capacity to handle tough challenges with stability and reliability. These all-rounders are up to whatever task you throw their way.

from 31,006.00

Gross price: Kč37,517.26 incl. Kč6,511.26 VAT

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The Veriton N series packs powerful components into a petite chassis that can stand alone or be snapped onto the back of Acer monitors. They boast impressive performance and save valuable space at the same time.

from 18,870.00

Gross price: Kč22,832.70 incl. Kč3,962.70 VAT

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from 10,270.00

Gross price: Kč12,426.70 incl. Kč2,156.70 VAT

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The HP 260 G4 Mini PC is an affordable desktop PC that delivers performance, productivity and reliability.

from 9,103.00

Gross price: Kč11,014.63 incl. Kč1,911.63 VAT

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Der elegante und zuverlässige HP ProDesk 400 G7 Microtower wurde eigens für den modernen Arbeitsplatz entwickelt. Er bietet intelligente Sicherheitsfunktionen und skalierbare Leistung.

from 12,617.00

Gross price: Kč15,266.57 incl. Kč2,649.57 VAT

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Dell Vostro 3888 MT PCs are smaller than ever and are optionally available with up to 10th gen Intel Core i7 processors and 32 GB of DDR4 RAM to keep you ahead of the competition.

from 11,527.00

Gross price: Kč13,947.67 incl. Kč2,420.67 VAT

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Experience powerful everyday business performance and security in a stylish, petite package at an economical price point with the HP ProDesk 400 Desktop Mini.

from 11,467.00

Gross price: Kč13,875.07 incl. Kč2,408.07 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: 1D2L2EA#BCM

Bechtle no.: 4513166-15

Chassis type: Mini housing, Processor model: Intel Core i5-10500T, 2.3 GHz, RAM: 8 GB, Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 630, Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


Gross price: Kč21,010.44 incl. Kč3,646.44 VAT

Expected delivery in over 14 days.

With fast SSDs, 8th Gen Intel Core i+ CPUs, great expandability and multi-monitor support, Veriton S PCs help you speed through all your tasks like never before.

from 21,139.00

Gross price: Kč25,578.19 incl. Kč4,439.19 VAT

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The redesigned HP EliteDesk 805 Small Form Factor answers the requirement for robust power and expansion in a highly secure small form factor PC.

from 18,133.00

Gross price: Kč21,940.93 incl. Kč3,807.93 VAT

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Tackle of everything the work day throws at you with the affordable HP 290 G4 Microtower PC.

from 10,680.00

Gross price: Kč12,922.80 incl. Kč2,242.80 VAT

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The HP ProDesk 405 Small Form Factor PC gives your employees the performance they need in a highly secure and compact PC that supports your dynamic business.

from 18,896.00

Gross price: Kč22,864.16 incl. Kč3,968.16 VAT

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The HP 290 G3 Small Form Factor is a powerful and affordable PC with all the features you to take on your everyday work.

from 10,285.00

Gross price: Kč12,444.85 incl. Kč2,159.85 VAT

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The Apple M1 Chip takes the most versatile desktop into another dimension. Up to 3x more CPU performance. Up to 6x faster graphics. And the most advanced Neural Engine for up to 15x faster machine learning.

from 17,218.00

Gross price: Kč20,833.78 incl. Kč3,615.78 VAT

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The compact and reliable HP ProDesk 400 G7 Small Form Factor has been designed for the modern workplace. It's equipped with strong security features and performance that's scalable to grow with your business

from 12,474.00

Gross price: Kč15,093.54 incl. Kč2,619.54 VAT

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Dell OptiPlex 3080 desktop PCs offer versatile, space-saving form factors with superior security and manageability all at an affordable price.

from 11,242.00

Gross price: Kč13,602.82 incl. Kč2,360.82 VAT

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The ThinkCentre M20q Tiny can easily compete with most desktops, but takes up significantly less space on your desk. It is responsive and versatile thanks to Intel processors and the modern main and mass storage.

from 10,747.00

Gross price: Kč13,003.87 incl. Kč2,256.87 VAT

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Performance and scalability made easy. The HP ProDesk 600 G6 Microtower delivers four bays, three M.2 slots and a large number of configurable ports.

from 19,725.00

Gross price: Kč23,867.25 incl. Kč4,142.25 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: 1D2Y8EA#BCM

Bechtle no.: 4489989-15

Chassis type: Small form factor, Processor model: Intel Core i7-10700, 2.9 GHz, RAM: 16 GB, Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 630, Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


Gross price: Kč27,692.06 incl. Kč4,806.06 VAT

In stock.

The redesigned HP EliteDesk 800 Tower PC offers unbelievable scalability and lightning-fast performance for your most demanding workloads.

from 18,939.00

Gross price: Kč22,916.19 incl. Kč3,977.19 VAT

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Powerful computers for stationary use

Traditional desktop PCs are still the most popular devices in corporate environments, with some 250 million sold each year. They may not offer the mobility of a notebook or tablet, but they often outperform comparable mobile devices and offer more features. They’re also generally regarded as true all-rounders. No matter your business needs, there’s a PC that can meet them. While mini PCs are able to handle simple word processing or bookkeeping applications, image and video editing require a computer with significantly more memory and a good video card. Our Bechtle online shop offers suitable devices from both categories.


Business PCs for security and top performance

The brands we carry understand the particular requirements of companies in terms of security, processor power and performance—which is why they offer efficient business PCs for the office. In addition, they also offer medical PCs meeting the stringent hygiene and performance standards common in the healthcare and medical-technology industries. Not only are these products made of antibacterial material and easy to clean, they also offer different technical features than traditional models. Then there are barebone PCs, available for special uses. Generally consisting only of a computer case, fan and motherboard, they are then customised with individually selected components.


A large selection of PCs in our Bechtle online shop

bechtle.com responds to the various requirements and expectations of different industries. Our large selection of business PCs covers the needs of everyone from public administrations and the healthcare industry to top-of-the-line video editors. Discover the highly efficient and full-featured PCs of leading brands such as HP, Dell and Apple. You’ll find tower PCs with ample space for additional accessories, mini PCs for smaller working environments and the ultra-space-saving micro PC. Use our shop’s filter options to narrow down the selection by memory, processor family or enclosure type.