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Manufacturer no.: V11H867040

Bechtle no.: 4206789-15

Technology: LCD, Brightness: 3800 ANSI lumens, Physical resolution: 1920 x 1200, Contrast: 15,000:1, Weight: 3.2 kg


Gross price: Kč20,887.02 incl. Kč3,625.02 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: 9H.JH277.14E

Bechtle no.: 4164385

Technology: DLP, Brightness: 5000 ANSI lumens, Physical resolution: 1920 x 1080, Contrast: 3,000:1, Weight: 4.9 kg


Gross price: Kč33,494.01 incl. Kč5,813.01 VAT

In stock.

Project data and videos at resolutions of up to 4K. The H6 series offers everything from short-throw to extra-large projectors so you'll find the right solution for any need. The H6 series is NVIDIA 3DTV Play-ready.

from 9,303.00

Gross price: Kč11,256.63 incl. Kč1,953.63 VAT

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NEC's U and UM-series ultra-short distance projectors are installed directly above the projection screen. This enables the presenter to stand directly in front of the screen and move around freely without being dazzled by the projection beam.

from 23,675.00

Gross price: Kč28,646.75 incl. Kč4,971.75 VAT

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With super bright projections, professional features and future-proof connectivity, NEC P series LCD projectors deliver the big picture with a small TCO.

from 23,763.00

Gross price: Kč28,753.23 incl. Kč4,990.23 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: MR.JQP11.001

Bechtle no.: 4334622

Technology: DLP, Brightness: 2200 ANSI lumens, Physical resolution: 1920 x 1080, Contrast: 10,000:1, Weight: 3.1 kg


Gross price: Kč16,076.06 incl. Kč2,790.06 VAT

In stock.

These ultra-short-projectors deliver sharp images even in tight spaces. You'll be able to project your content on a large surface despite having only a short projection distance--making it ideal for small rooms.

from 20,812.00

Gross price: Kč25,182.52 incl. Kč4,370.52 VAT

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The S1 series projectors impress with their sharp image representation. Their high resolution provides clear and detailed images on large screens, while the integrated colour enhancement functions enable vivid colours.

from 10,413.00

Gross price: Kč12,599.73 incl. Kč2,186.73 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: MR.JR511.001

Bechtle no.: 4334359

Technology: DLP, Brightness: 5500 ANSI lumens, Physical resolution: 1920 x 1080, Contrast: 2,000,000:1, Weight: 6.0 kg


Gross price: Kč42,598.05 incl. Kč7,393.05 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Share your ideas on the road with a portable Acer PD projector. The high contrast delivers crisp text and graphics even at a distance.

from 16,577.00

Gross price: Kč20,058.17 incl. Kč3,481.17 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: MR.JR011.001

Bechtle no.: 4334353

Technology: DLP, Brightness: 250 ANSI lumens, Physical resolution: 854 x 480, Contrast: 5,000:1, Weight: 0.350 kg


Gross price: Kč6,115.34 incl. Kč1,061.34 VAT

In stock.

The P1 series guarantees crystal-clear projection in any room. Your presentations will shine as brilliantly as your ideas, even in bright environments. These models can be used anywhere, thanks to their high ANSI lumen rating and 40° keystone correction.

from 6,992.00

Gross price: Kč8,460.32 incl. Kč1,468.32 VAT

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X1 series projectors offer great value for your money. Featuring 3200-4000 ANSI lumens and keystone correction, they can be used in a variety of scenarios both in the office and on the road.

from 8,319.00

Gross price: Kč10,065.99 incl. Kč1,746.99 VAT

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NEC's PA and PX Series laser projectors offer outstanding image quality, first-class display functionality and flexible installation options. The laser light source can be used for up to 20,000 hours without the need for maintenance.

from 172,432.00

Gross price: Kč208,642.72 incl. Kč36,210.72 VAT

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NEC's PA series projectors for advanced professional installations deliver brilliant colours and dynamic contrast for an exceptional visual experience.

from 81,758.00

Gross price: Kč98,927.18 incl. Kč17,169.18 VAT

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Let the power of your ideas shine through with projectors from the Large Venue series. With projection this crisp and bright, even your most complex concepts will be grasped easily by associates, clients or students.

from 12,442.00

Gross price: Kč15,054.82 incl. Kč2,612.82 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: MR.JQ411.001

Bechtle no.: 4204315

Technology: DLP, Brightness: 150 ANSI lumens, Physical resolution: 854 x 480, Contrast: 1,200:1, Weight: 0.270 kg


Gross price: Kč4,489.10 incl. Kč779.10 VAT

Available in 14 days.

The compact NEC ME series projectors provide ideal support for your presentations. LCD technology ensures clear images and realistic colours for both classrooms and conference rooms.

from 11,017.00

Gross price: Kč13,330.57 incl. Kč2,313.57 VAT

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Casio's Core series makes it easy to get started with mercury-free projection. The environmentally friendly laser & LED hybrid light source saves electricity, reduces operating costs by up to 40% and offers a long service life of up to 20,000 hours.

from 16,639.00

Gross price: Kč20,133.19 incl. Kč3,494.19 VAT

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With 5000 ANSI lumens, the P6 series is designed for use in auditoriums and large conference rooms. Discover new possibilities through its integrated lens shift technology and keystone correction.

from 33,317.00

Gross price: Kč40,313.57 incl. Kč6,996.57 VAT

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For transparent project management

Business thrives on the process of implementing new ideas and plans. Without it, innovation would disappear altogether. But turning ideas into reality requires an exchange of ideas and transparent project management. This is exactly why projectors are so essential. They allow us to communicate content to our audience through videos, images, charts and text. And that allows us to lay the foundation for working towards a common goal. Projectors are even more powerful than other solutions, such as video conferencing systems—provided all participants are able to meet in person. Which projector you choose depends closely on what you want to present and where you want to present it.


Projector specifications to consider

Projector technology is quite diverse, leading to differences in brightness, contrast and colour fidelity. Presenting in a room without shades, for example, requires a projector with more intense brightness to ensure that content can still be seen. This is also true if the projection surface is far away from the projector. DLP (digital light processing) technology delivers strong contrast but doesn’t always render colours accurately. LCD projectors, on the other hand, feature less contrast but greater colour fidelity. Several options are also available for your projector’s light source, including bulbs, laser light, LEDs or laser/LED hybrids.


Selecting and ordering your projector

Our online shop offers a broad range of projectors that will give your business an extra boost. You’ll also find bulbs, mounts and other accessories—even presentation furniture and projection screens. Several filter criteria, such as brightness, contrast and resolution, are available to help you narrow down your choices.  Secondary criteria include connectivity options like Wi-Fi and features such as zoom and keystone correction. When making your selection, you may also want to consider the projector’s operating noise and maximum bulb life, which varies considerably and could make a big difference in operating costs.