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Manufacturer no.: D9Y32AA#ABB

Bechtle no.: 850536

Connectors: 1 x audio out, 1 x audio in, 1 x RJ45, 1 x VGA, 2 x DisplayPort, 3 x USB 3.0, 1 x USB 3.0 + Charge, Security: Kensington slot, Effective power (W): 65 W, Compatible devices: HP ZBook 14u G6, HP ZBook 15u G6, HP mt45, HP ProBook 640 G5, HP ProBook 650 G5, HP EliteBook 850 G6, HP EliteBook 840 G6, HP EliteBook 830 G6, HP EliteBook 755 G5, HP EliteBook 745 G6, HP EliteBook 735 G6


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Manufacturer no.: 4299820

Bechtle no.: 4299820

Compatible devices: Apple iPhone XS Max, Display size: 16.5 cm (6.5"), Colour: Black, Protection rating: -, Features: Stand feature



Gross price: Kč520.30 incl. Kč90.30 VAT

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The EcoSmart Cypress series is manufactured from recycled materials. Thoughtfully designed to protect your work essentials while also protecting the environment

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The Smart Folio for iPad Pro is constructed from a single piece of polyurethane to protect the front and back of your device. It automatically wakes your iPad Pro when opened and puts it to sleep when closed.

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Gross price: Kč2,277.22 incl. Kč395.22 VAT

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A clear mini window lets you easily receive calls, see notifications and control music playback even with the cover closed.

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Gross price: Kč882.09 incl. Kč153.09 VAT

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Protective silicone matte cover that protects against scratches and knocks without sacrificing on style.

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Gross price: Kč302.50 incl. Kč52.50 VAT

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The Targus CityGear bags. Perfect for commuters. Versatile all-rounders in a casual design and with well thought-out storage space.

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These Apple designed cases fit an iPhone perfectly, meaning your phone still feels incredibly slim. The cases are made from specially tanned and finished European leather.

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Gross price: Kč1,259.61 incl. Kč218.61 VAT

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The elegant Smart Cover protects your iPad's display. Open it and your iPad wakes up. Close it and it goes to sleep. Available in a variety of colours that match your other Apple accessories.

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Gross price: Kč1,176.12 incl. Kč204.12 VAT

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The Silicone Case has been specially designed by Apple for the iPhone. The case fits snugly over the volume buttons, side button and curves of your device meaning your phone still feels incredibly slim.

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Gross price: Kč1,068.43 incl. Kč185.43 VAT

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The iPhone Clear Case is thin and light - with this case, your phone is both visible and protected. Made from transparent polycarbonate and flexible TPU materials.

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Gross price: Kč1,189.43 incl. Kč206.43 VAT

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If the smartphone is turned over to the front, the LEDs light up with your own customised icons.

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Gross price: Kč729.63 incl. Kč126.63 VAT

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The Protective Standing Cover has undergone a range of military-grade drop tests.

from 135.00

Gross price: Kč163.35 incl. Kč28.35 VAT

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The Clear Cover is lightweight and soft to the touch for a comfortable grip

from 273.00

Gross price: Kč330.33 incl. Kč57.33 VAT

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Made of supple, high-quality genuine leather, the cover offers just the right combination of protection and style.

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Gross price: Kč765.93 incl. Kč132.93 VAT

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The thin and lightweight cover offers good grip, feels good in the hands and is strong enough to protect your smartphone from minor damage and scratches.

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Top quality, robust material and a reinforced frame provide maximum protection for your notebook. With Prime bags, you have your most important devices always to hand and safely stowed on the road.

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Gross price: Kč1,862.99 incl. Kč323.33 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: 77-61282

Bechtle no.: 4339128

Compatible devices: Samsung Galaxy S10, Display size: 15.5 cm (6.1"), Colour: Black, Features: Back protection


Gross price: Kč889.35 incl. Kč154.35 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: 77-61655

Bechtle no.: 4337453

Compatible devices: Apple iPhone 7, Apple iPhone 8, Display size: 11.9 cm (4.7"), Colour: Black, Protection rating: Dust protection, Features: Back protection


Gross price: Kč836.11 incl. Kč145.11 VAT

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The CityLite series provides modern, cool and top-quality protection and is the perfect notebook case for the stylish urban professional.

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Maximise your potential with the right accessories

Mobile computing accessories add more than just a pretty touch—they also provide practical benefits. For instance, cases, bags, backpacks and trolleys ensure protection on the road, because you can only stay mobile in the long run if you hardware travels along safely. Our Bechtle online shop offers both indispensable essentials and accessories that make your work life that much easier. Our product descriptions make it easy to see which accessories are compatible with your mobile devices. And if you still have questions, our specialists will be happy to provide expert advice.


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Accessories are items that serve to enhance another product. But that doesn’t mean they’re any less important. It’s true that a power cable isn’t much use without a notebook—but doesn’t that also apply the other way around? And purchasing a new accessory is always less expensive than investing in a new device altogether. At, we make sure the accessories you need to keep your mobile computer functional are always available. So your business can continue to grow. Discover the many high-quality mobile computing accessories we carry, such as docking stations, hands-free kits and the humble power cable.