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Einfacher zusammenarbeiten mit den interaktiven Tafeln der RE-Serie für einen modernen Unterricht.

from 46,715.00

Gross price: Kč56,525.15 incl. Kč9,810.15 VAT

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With 16/7 operation and delivering a vivid viewing experience, the BEA-H series' high-resolution UHD displays are perfect for almost any space.

from 22,970.00

Gross price: Kč27,793.70 incl. Kč4,823.70 VAT

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from 17,548.00

Gross price: Kč21,233.08 incl. Kč3,685.08 VAT

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Die Elo 03 Touchscreens bieten ein elegantes, schlankes Design, das für die Beanspruchungen der dauerhaften gewerblichen Nutzung konzipiert wurde.

from 26,978.00

Gross price: Kč32,643.38 incl. Kč5,665.38 VAT

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from 16,635.00

Gross price: Kč20,128.35 incl. Kč3,493.35 VAT

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The ProLite 42 series offers a much brighter display for digital signage. Thanks to Android OS, you can customise the device to your needs by installing applications.

from 19,930.00

Gross price: Kč24,115.30 incl. Kč4,185.30 VAT

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NEC MultiSync P series public displays deliver 24/7 operational reliability, best-in-class performance, and unparalleled clarity of detail and colour accuracy.

from 39,833.00

Gross price: Kč48,197.93 incl. Kč8,364.93 VAT

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With touch-through-glass technology and a range of possible application areas, the ProLite TExx39 Series monitors are the perfect display solution for interactive shop windows and digital signage applications.

from 24,607.00

Gross price: Kč29,774.47 incl. Kč5,167.47 VAT

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User-centric design features, advanced technologies and built-in whiteboard functionality make the IFP52 series of touch displays an ideal solution for the modern classroom.

from 62,469.00

Gross price: Kč75,587.49 incl. Kč13,118.49 VAT

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Professionelle 4K-Displays für intelligente Zusammenarbeit in modernen Unternehmen. Durch die Kombination großer, schöner Biler mit produktivitätsorientierten Funktionen eignen sich die BZ40H Monitore ideal für die gemeinsame Nutzung bei Videokonferenzen.

from 25,827.00

Gross price: Kč31,250.67 incl. Kč5,423.67 VAT

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Touchscreens für die professionelle Nutzung.

from 51,781.00

Gross price: Kč62,655.01 incl. Kč10,874.01 VAT

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Manufacturer no.: LH24QBRTBGCXEN

Bechtle no.: 4529306-15

Display size: 60.5 cm (23.8"), Signal input: 1 x HDMI (digital), Physical resolution: 1920 x 1080, Operating time (max.): 16 hours/day, Panel technology: ADS


Gross price: Kč25,422.10 incl. Kč4,412.10 VAT

In stock.
Limited stock; extended delivery times possible.

Die QBR-Serie von Samsung erweckt Inhalte mit kristallklaren Bildern mit einer Auflösung bis zu UHD zum Leben.

from 9,739.00

Gross price: Kč11,784.19 incl. Kč2,045.19 VAT

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Die Monitore der NEC MultiSync E-Serie bieten Funktionen und die Zuverläsigkeit, die den hohen Anforderungen der gewerblichen Nutzung entsprechen. Auch in Anwendungsbereichen mit begrenztem Budget können sie als professionelle Lösung eingesetzt werden.

from 14,224.00

Gross price: Kč17,211.04 incl. Kč2,987.04 VAT

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The RM series is equipped with interactive displays that are not only easy on the eyes, but also come with sophisticated annotation tools to enable seamless, efficient collaboration.

from 52,703.00

Gross price: Kč63,770.63 incl. Kč11,067.63 VAT

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Mit einem integrierten Audioverstärker, Multi-Bild-Modus und umfassenden Anschlussmöglichkeiten zeichnet sich die MA-Serie durch vielseitige Funktionen aus.

from 41,335.00

Gross price: Kč50,015.35 incl. Kč8,680.35 VAT

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Schlanke, für den Dauerbetrieb (24/7) geeignete Bildschirme mit einer modernen Optik. Die M-Serie zeichnet sich durch leistungsstarke, erweiterungsfähige Funktionen und ein attraktives Erscheinungsbild aus.

from 27,101.00

Gross price: Kč32,792.21 incl. Kč5,691.21 VAT

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Mit ihrem integrierten USB-MediaPlayer kann die ME-Serie direkt zur Medienwiedergabe eingesetzt werden. Die Bildschirme eignen sich für den Betrieb im Hoch- und Querformat und können bis zu 18 Stunden durchgängig genutzt werden.

from 18,813.00

Gross price: Kč22,763.73 incl. Kč3,950.73 VAT

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Interactive LCD touch screen with 4K resolution and integrated Whiteboard software.

from 40,441.00

Gross price: Kč48,933.61 incl. Kč8,492.61 VAT

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Die Monitore der Q-Line sind einfach einzurichten und überzeugen in HD oder Ultra HD Auflösung. Diese Displays benötigen keine zusätzliche Hardware und können in nahezu jede Funktion konfiguriert werden.

from 13,826.00

Gross price: Kč16,729.46 incl. Kč2,903.46 VAT

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Superior quality in a large-scale format

In addition to business monitors for the office, our online shop carries a wide range of public displays in all formats. You can use these oversized screens for larger-than-life digital outdoor advertising, presenting your company to visitors in your reception areas or even to equip meeting and conference rooms. Public displays can be seen at airports and train stations, in addition to in control processes in industrial manufacturing. They’re expected to meet demanding expectations including round-the-clock operation and the capability to link together, creating jumbo outdoor advertisements.


Public displays in our Bechtle online shop

At you’ll find public displays of all sizes and in all price categories. Most devices are suited for 24/7 operation and can be wall-mounted. We offer several filter options to help you find the right public display, including brightness, contrast ratio, resolution and display size. You can also filter by manufacturer to find your preferred brand among the many leading names we offer. Our products are further differentiated by display surface—matte, glossy or anti-glare. Product details also provide energy-efficiency information.


Additional selection criteria

Other criteria can influence your choice of public display as well. On-site replacement services, for example, mean you can quickly tackle any malfunctions that may arise. For expensive, large-scale formats, you may be interested in leasing a public display. Further factors to consider are the available accessories, interfaces and additional features. Is a suitable mount available? Can the device’s status be monitored and controlled from a central system? Public display aesthetics are especially important in customer-facing scenarios—after all, there's no point in presenting your brilliant, futuristic images on a visually unattractive screen.