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Automatic installation saves time and money.

Installing software is usually easy, but it requires time and experience. And certain security precautions must be taken, especially when setting up browsers or virus scanners. The more IT seats a company has, the more work this generates for the IT department, which is why large companies tend towards automated software deployment, also known as software packaging. You, too, can benefit from automatic software deployment to significantly cut back on resources.


Managing the entire software lifecycle.

Professional software deployment goes far beyond simply installing a user application for the first time. It also automates the installation of operating systems and e-mail programs, then configures and maintains them based on the same deployment principle. One valuable advantage of automated software deployment is that you gain a better overview of the licences you actually use. In addition, standardising the process enables you to increase system stability, as causes and effects are easier to identify in the event of malfunctions or compatibility issues—making troubleshooting that much easier.


Software deployment solutions in our Bechtle online shop.

Bechtle offers software deployment and maintenance programs from various vendors, such as Flexera, Ivanti (LANdesk and HEAT Software), Matrix42 and Microsoft. Each has a different focus, selection of features and level of user-friendliness, covering a wide variety of business requirements.

Flexera AdminStudio, for example, is available in three versions, with the Enterprise Edition providing extensive tests and seamless integration to manage the entire software lifecycle. Numerous add-ons are also available. In addition, our online shop carries many other software deployment and maintenance solutions, for instance to simplify warehouse management and customer deliveries. Flexera Software Vulnerability Manager allows you to deploy third-party patches through standalone software or a Microsoft SCCM add-on. This is an effective way to lower security risks, as software vulnerabilities, especially in third-party software, are fertile ground for malware attacks. You can also take advantage of the well-known Flexera research database to ensure you don’t miss critical updates, leaving you open to attack.

Our product managers will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.