Project objectives.

From day one, EUROCFD has been using HPC.


Thanks to its unique position as a French SME (with some 100 servers and over 2,000 cores), EUROCFD is bale to provide its customers with services and expertise of the highest order. However, to secure and expand its capacities, the company needed a new hybrid Microsoft/Linux solution that was easy to manage, efficient and capable of displaying 3D models remotely. The latter is the foundation for EUROCFD’s new “HPC in the French cloud strategy” in the new data centre:

Our new HPC infrastructure gives us a more resilient and scalable platform for new customer projects that want to leverage our HPC on demand offer. This tool will enable us to gain new market share predominantly in the French market as a result of security concerns.

Karim Loueslati, CEO, EUROCFD


EUROCFD’s HPC solution is based on a special Supermicro 2U chassis with 4 servers for optimum density and easier maintenance. A dedicated Infiniband Mellanox computing network means all elements can be connected with a very high bandwidth (max. 56 Gb/s). A BeeGFS storage system—a parallel file system architecture—allows for flexible scale-up and scale-out capacities and much better performance than a classic file system. BeeGFS is integrated natively in Bright Cluster Manager—a holistic solution that has been used to ergonomically manage the entire solution with Linux. And last but not least, NICE Software was installed on dedicated graphics nodes for remote graphics services.


Business benefits.

With “Little BIG’s” over 2,000 cores and 65 TFLOPS, EUROCFD has at its disposal one of the most important HPC data centres of all French SMEs.

This extremely powerful and high-performing environment can be efficiently managed with HPC-specific tools and enables the deployment of new services for numerical simulations

such as virtualisation on request, 3D remote visualisation and true-to-life digital simulation services.


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