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Opt for a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI)!

HCI / hyper-converged, what is that?

Sounds complicated, and to some extent it is, but the definition is really quite simple. The aim is to simplify infrastructure management by combining (converging) servers, switches and storage into one with the whole lot managed through software.

Infrastructure is the foundation of each and every business. Hyperconvergence seems like a promising solution to achieve more agility. So, is it really the answer to all of our problems?
Find out in the article!


Lenovo ThinkAgile MX series.

Making Azure Stack HCI solutions affordable and easy.

ThinkAgile MX Integrated Systems and Certified Nodes enable customers to modernise their on-premises infrastructure easily, with pre-tested, pre-configured, and easily orderable configurations.

All-in-one solutions that combine the Lenovo ThinkSystem servers, Microsoft Azure Stack HCI software and powerful Intel® Xeon® processors.


  • Affordable and user-friendly HCI access for modernising your infrastructure
  • Simplified IT management including streamlined deployment and automated updates
  • More agility and better cost forecasts (less components, easier to duplicate and the possibility of individual financing models)
  • Unique Lenovo support

IT is changing:
Azure Stack HCI

Hyper-converged infrastructures are evolving. Find out more about new synergies, opportunities and solutions.

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Secure agile infrastructures.
Our whitepaper has four important tips for you that will help you tackle the cyber security challenges associated with hyperconvergence taking advantage of best practices and the right solutions.

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Server solutions with Azure Stack HCI.

Integrated Systems

Pre-install with the new Azure Stack HCI OS and ThinkAgile Advantage support with one single point of contact for hardware support and software end-to-end case management.

  • XClarity and WAC plugin support for ease of management
  • Single part number to order
  • Seamless integration into Azure service


Certified Nodes

In traditional IT, a solution is designed, tested, implemented, and maintained, requiring significant time and energy. Microsoft’s Azure Stack HCI OS addresses these challenges head-on, with deployment and update features added to Windows Admin Center and enhancements to their HCI stack. Lenovo has designed, tested, and validated ThinkAgile MX Series to provide the Azure Stack HCI solutions you need.


Validated Nodes

We’ve expanded our Azure Stack HCI configuration options to include AMD EPYC 2nd and 3rd generation processors. The high-density, high-performance CPUs allow you to handle challenging workloads within a small infrastructure footprint, whether you are running resource intensive workloads with high performance storage needs or running lightweight applications at the edge.


Edge Solutions

With the explosion of data storage needs, organisations have adopted hyperconverged infrastructure as their de-facto option of choice. Lenovo ThinkAgile MX Appliances (Integrated Systems) and Certified Nodes (Validated Nodes) are HCI building blocks built on top of Lenovo certified hardware and Azure Stack HCI software.



Why Lenovo?

Opérations integrées
Integrated, seamless operations

Deploy faster and simplify management through Windows Admin Center with Lenovo XClarity. Seamlessly integrate with Azure Services for hybrid cloud capabilities. Get faster set-up with pre-loaded Azure Stack HCI OS.

Performances optimisées
Proven, optimised performance

Reduce downtime with industry-leading x86 server reliability (ITIC). Increase availability with best uptime among all x86 platforms (ITIC). Improve support with certified hardware, software and components.

Expérience inégalée
Unparalleled experience

Simplify hybrid cloud complexities with proven Lenovo expertise. Get flexible service and financial models with TruScale to best fit your business. Rely on exceptional data protection and security with Lenovo ThinkShield.