Get your carbon footprint under control


Do you or your company want to reduce your carbon footprint?
Bechtle is here to help you with a number of options:

Get an accurate picture of your current situation and identify opportunities for reducing your carbon footprint.

Our approach: We work with objective and real criteria to provide optimum support


With the aid of our product tests performed in BLI labs under real conditions and/or our customer feedback as well as our own field experience, we’ll help you to get a better overview of the various technologies to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Select technology customised to your printing requirements and approach

At Bechtle, we are convinced that we can only provide our customers with the right solution if we know the technology we’re selling inside out.  


Anyone can look up the best rated printer, but finding one that matches your print needs while reducing your carbon footprint is another matter—and that’s where we come in.


Our specialists will explain the difference between cold foil printing and “really cold” printing. Why the corona wire has considerably reduced electricity consumption of laser printing systems and with it our carbon impact.


Our experts will also consult you on the devices that best let you reduce your carbon footprint while maintaining the quality of prints your customers expect.


We’ll support you on your digital journey towards a paper-free office with the aim of reducing your print volume.  

Reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t just require an upgrade of your print system,

it also means changing mindsets. After all, who hasn’t printed out a document simply to sign it and scan it back in to your computer.

Our digitalisation solutions let you sign contracts in two clicks to do away with hard copies.  

Have questions on reducing your carbon footprint?

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