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Nieuw in de Dell OptiPlex-reeks: de Dell OptiPlex 3000 Thin Client. Hij overtuigt door een krachtig, snel en intelligent gebruik.

vanaf 402,00

Brutoprijs: €  486,42 incl. €  84,42 btw

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Transition your fleet to the cloud with the HP t540 Thin Client virtual desktop solution. Confidently deploy in confined workspaces with multiple configuration options and multi-layered security, providing effective collaboration and productivity for the end user.

vanaf 316,00

Brutoprijs: €  382,36 incl. €  66,36 btw

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The LG Cloud Monitors combine innovative technologies with an excellent visual reproduction of your content. Put all your content and data in one cloud and avoid disruptive hardware on your desktop.

vanaf 364,00

Brutoprijs: €  440,44 incl. €  76,44 btw

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Optimise your cloud-based deployments with the powerful, highly configurable, and long lifecycle HP t640 Thin Client.

vanaf 298,00

Brutoprijs: €  360,58 incl. €  62,58 btw

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Optimised for desktop virtualisation and cloud-based applications, the intuitive HP t430 Thin Client is easy for end users to understand and simple for IT administrators to maintain.

vanaf 288,00

Brutoprijs: €  348,48 incl. €  60,48 btw

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Dell Wyse 5070 Thin Clients provide a platform for all demands. Enjoy ultimate flexibility with multiple validated OS, connectivity and form factor options.

vanaf 311,00

Brutoprijs: €  376,31 incl. €  65,31 btw

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HP t740 Thin Client is the most powerful desktop thin client, built to drive graphics-intensive workflows projecting to up to six 4K displays.

vanaf 565,00

Brutoprijs: €  683,65 incl. €  118,65 btw

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Fabrikant nr.: HCO1B0001F00000

Bechtle nr.: 4383182

Processormodel: Intel Atom x5-E8000, 1,04 GHz, Werkgeheugen: 2 GB, Besturingssysteem: IGEL Universal Desktop (Linux), Videokaart: Intel HD Graphics


Brutoprijs: €  238,01 incl. €  41,31 btw

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Fabrikant nr.: H7O000000000000

Bechtle nr.: 4355009

Werkgeheugen: 8 GB, Besturingssysteem: IGEL Universal Desktop (Linux)


Brutoprijs: €  26,08 incl. €  4,53 btw

Bezorging vanaf 19. mei.

Fabrikant nr.: 2EZ54AA#ABB Uitvoering: Europa

Bechtle nr.: 4193006-99

Processormodel: Teradici TERA2321 PCoIP, Werkgeheugen: 512 MB, Netwerkkaart: Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbit/s, Besturingssysteem: Zonder


Brutoprijs: €  379,94 incl. €  65,94 btw

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