Project Replay

Bechtle launches Project Replay

Because sustainability is no longer an option, but a necessity.

  • Bechtle introduces Project Replay to take steps towards reducing the direct and indirect impact of climate change
  • Bechtle aims to manage the Carbon Footprint ​within the Bechtle DAAS solution and offers a responsible solution to trade in legacy IT, including Replay Services

20 October 2021 – Bechtle direct France, Bechtle direct Poland, Bechtle direct Netherlands and ARP NL introduce Project Replay and take concrete measures to make the DAAS solution more sustainable.

Project Replay is in line with the Bechtle Sustainability Strategy 2030 and directly linked to Bechtle’s Just Press Play solutions.


Mapping out the carbon footprint

Sustainability holds a special significance in the daily activities of Bechtle. One goal of Project Replay is to keep the emissions in check and compensate for the unavoidable emissions. Bechtle maps out the carbon footprint per IT seat within the DAAS offering by taking four components into account: Hardware, Logistics, Packaging and Services.

Bechtle calculates the carbon footprint by analysing the total lifecycle of the DAAS solution to see the emitted CO2. By mapping out the carbon footprint, Bechtle knows the emitted amount of CO2 per IT seat. Once the total emissions are calculated, the unavoidable emissions will be compensated by supporting climate and development projects in multiple countries. Additionally, Bechtle is working with 80% recycled cardboard, environmentally friendly bulk boxes and FSC paper. Bechtle also pays close attention to all third parties involved to ensure that the partners have their own CSR approach.


Safe and secure legacy IT trade-in with our Replay Services

Trading in legacy IT is a complicated task for organisations. With the Replay Services, Bechtle takes full responsibility for the complete process from collecting IT assets, performing diagnostics, and grading, to certified data wiping or destruction, and repair in an environmentally friendly and GDPR compliant way. The customer can re-invest the residual value in Device as a Service.

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