microsoft surface launch

New Surface devices.

Meet the new Laptop 4 and Surface Headphones 2+!

Company culture in organisations is currently undergoing change, with the hybrid workplace emerging as a trend. This requires companies to provide their employees with the right tools to ensure that the team spirit is strengthened and collaboration is improved. The new Surface Laptop 4 and Surface Headphones 2+ offer advantages to every employee, and not only IT teams. 


The Surface Laptop 4.

From now on, you no longer have to decide between great performance or the best of functions. The elegant and powerful business notebook comes with enhanced battery life, 70% more speed and more multitasking performance, giving you all the functions you need.

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Work wherever you want to and in style.

  • Choose between a 34.29 cm (13.5") portable screen or a 38.1 cm (15") one with more multitasking support
  • Flip open the screen in a jiffy thanks to the innovative hinge and log in simply and securely with Windows Hello
  • Interact with the brilliant PixelSense™ touch screen both fast and intuitively thanks to excellent colour fidelity and responsiveness
  • Stay productive all through the day without any loud fan noises thanks to whisper-quiet cooling.

Best performance for multitasking and meetings.

  • Show your best side even in low lighting thanks to the 720 p HD front camera
  • Be heard loud and clear with dual far-field studio mics
  • Hear customers and colleagues better through the Omnisonic speakers and play an active role in conversations
  • Stay cool, even when a meeting is extended unexpectedly, thanks to all-day battery life (19 hours) and fast charging.

Designed to get results.

The perfect balance of key travel distance and responsiveness allow you to type faster and more precisely on a keyboard with background illumination.

Transform your Laptop 4 into a workstation. It offers you all the connections you need—including USB Type-C® and Type-A.

Benefit from a significantly longer battery life of up to 19 hours with AMD Ryzen™ 5 Microsoft Surface Edition and an improved standby function.


Classic, or perhaps more fancy?

Choose from bold coordinating colours, such as platinum, matte black and sandstone, as well as the new ice blue, and from two durable keyboard materials—warm Alcantara® or cool metal.

microsoft surface launch

Stunning performance. More selection. 

Choose between two great processors that deliver outstanding notebook performance.

11th Generation Intel® Core™ Quad-Processor:

  • Excellent performance, connectivity and entertainment
  • New 11th Generation Intel® Core™ quad processor and Intel® Iris® Xe graphics work hand in hand, so that you can edit pictures and videos up to 70% faster than with a Surface Laptop 3
  • Intelligent performance, customised for you, for lower reaction times in almost all applications.

Inbuilt AMD Ryzen™ Microsoft Surface edition processors:

  • The perfect balance of mobility, speed and performance
  • Up to 8 CPU cores for individual, high performance in an ultra-slim and light design
  • Excellent speed and endurance throughout the work day thanks to excellent battery life.

Save both time and money.

Removable SSDs for more data protection and compliance, whether for decommissioning or repairs, gives you full control over sensitive data. 

Less complexity and lower costs, with all components coming from the same source, starting with the secure firmware that is based on Microsoft's Open-Source UEFI, up to cloud administration.

Protection from the chip to the cloud—save money and time thanks to easy provision and administration up to firmware level via the cloud with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and DFCI.
microsoft surface launch


Surface Headphones 2+.

High audio quality with smart connectivity.

Support your team with immersive calls and crisp audio quality. Make calls with reliable connection quality and intuitive touch control— Microsoft Surface Headphones 2+ are now Microsoft Teams certified.


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Increase productivity with the power of your voice:

  • Connect the USB link to the PC and get started! See your current Teams status thanks to USB lighting
  • Voice to speech functions in Microsoft Word, Outlook and PowerPoint make you more productive
  • Work handsfree thanks to Outlook Read My Email, Edge Read Aloud and PowerPoint Presenter Coach
  • Up to 15 hours of talk time help you waltz through even the longest of work days.

Meeting 2.0.

  • Take control with synchronised Microsoft Teams functions that allow you to mute your microphone, accept calls and more, all via the headphones
  • Hear and be heard with four microphones on each ear pad and 13 levels of active noise cancellation
  • Connect your headphones to your mobile end device on the go easily via Bluetooth
  • Communicate in any language thanks to more than 60 translation options in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Microsoft Surface Headphones 2+ for every scenario.

Increase your productivity thanks to voice commands in Microsoft 365 applications.

Up to 15 hours of talk time help you waltz through long days that are packed with meetings.

Always be clearly heard with the 8 microphones.

With 13 levels of active noise cancellation, you can blend your environment in or out and stay concentrated wherever you are.