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Bechtle has a comprehensive network of experienced experts who have planned and implemented a multitude of WLAN installations. In our experience, WLAN projects go awry if the planning phase does not explore use cases and the technical requirements associated with them. We don’t just examine the information on features from the vendor’s data sheet, but also hold a personal meeting with your to determine your specific requirements of a WLAN infrastructure.


It doesn’t matter whether or not you have already selected a vendor solution. Bechtle offers a very broad solutions portfolio and provides neutral and solution-based advice.

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      Use case
      Product description
      Use case

      Business Case

      When rolling out a new WLAN infrastructure, many questions come up:

      • Which access points are right for my environment?
      • How many do I need?
      • Where and how should these be placed?
      • What features should I look for?

      These are just some of the challenges that require a professional answer in order to successfully plan and implement a WLAN project. We’ll help you analyse your specific needs by conducting a virtual site-survey (simulation) in your environment: We place virtual access points in plans of your premises and use professional site-survey software to calculate the wireless needs of the area. We also take into account wall building material and other structural features of your building.


      We’ll provide you with a multi-page report which points you in the right direction in terms of the type and number of access points you’ll need to procure. It’ll even show you the mounting points for the access points.


      These types of simulations are generally used when planning a new building or simple/homogenous spaces. If your environment is complex, such as a high-rack facilities, an old building full of nooks and crannies, or halls with large machines, we recommend an on-site WLAN site-survey to take into account the actual conditions at your site. Our experts are happy to help you with this, too.

      Added value

      Professional planning of your WLAN infrastructure resulting in precise information on how to implement the project. You’ll be able to tap into our technicians’ experience, ensuring planning security. This protects you against unnecessary investments such as retroactive enhancement of the installation by increasing the number of access points or subsequent cabling work which becomes necessary due to coverage gaps. A simulation also lets us plan and implement your WLAN project according to your needs.

      Product description

      This is a service for planning a new WLAN infrastructure. You’ll receive a simulated analysis of the WiFi details for your environment, including the mounting locations for the access points.


      How it works

      After commissioning, we’ll arrange an appointment for you to have a personal (online) meeting with one of our technical specialists in your region. Here you’ll tell us of your framework conditions and we’ll make note of the particular issues and requirements in your environment. We’ll also ask you a couple of questions, such as:

      • Which and how many end devices should be connected to the WLAN?
      • What applications need to communicate via the WLAN?
      • Which areas of your building/premises should have coverage?
      • Are there limitations regarding where access points can be mounted?
      • Is there an existing installation that you want expanding?
      • Did you already choose a vendor solution for you project?

      The foundation for further planning is the floor plans of your buildings. These are imported into our design software and supplemented with additional information such as wall material. Based on the requirements discussed together previously, suitable WLAN access point models are selected whose wireless properties are then used in your environment’s simulation. Our specialists will use their experience to analyse and optimise the results of this simulation.


      Before we meet with you again to go through the simulation report, a PDF copy of it will be given to you. The report includes marked access point installation sites, the expected signal strengths and information on the signal-to-noise ratio, the expected data rate, and a graphic depiction of the radio cell overlaps. You’ll also receive further information on relevant technical parameters.

      Optional: Advanced version with assessment of the LAN infrastructure (complete package)

      No wireless network without a backend network—so no WLAN without LAN. If you want to operate a WLAN infrastructure, a stable, reliable cabled network is a must.


      In professional environments, access points are generally powered by LAN switches via Power over Ethernet (PoE). Modern LAN switches also supply sufficient transfer bandwidth for multi-gigabit-capable access points. It’s therefore highly recommended to take this into consideration when designing your WLAN. Opt for our advanced service and enjoy the following additional services:

      • Survey of your existing LAN infrastructure ideally by you providing us with existing network plans or documentation. Alternatively, we can collect all of the data we need in an interview.
      • Evaluation of all in-use components for compatibility with the planned WLAN (e.g. bandwidth, power supply capabilities, heat loss, installation depth, etc.)
      • Optional drafting of recommendations to prepare your wired network to optimally support your WiFi installation.


      The results are included in the WLAN report and presented in the final meeting.

      Provision obligations

      For the service described, we require you to complete the following groundwork:

      • Designation of suitable contact to answer technical and organisational questions in the interview.
      • Constructive collaboration to arrange suitable appointments and/or conference calls.
      • Supplying of suitable digital building plans in DWG format or as a high-resolution PDF.


      No physical on-site measuring is included in the scope of the service. We also do not perform any optimisation or troubleshooting of your existing WLAN infrastructure. We will be happy to provide personal consultation on these matters, as such services have to be tailored to your situation. The consultations before and after the simulation revolve around the service description above and each last somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes. These happen remotely and not in person.


      The report is not a solutions concept for your WLAN, but is a foundation for subsequent development of a solution design wherein the question of architecture will also be tackled.

      The result of the simulation is usually very precise, but certain factors are not able to be replicated and can lead to discrepancies in operation:

      • Some specific on-site characteristics can sometimes not be precisely recorded from the building plans alone, such as noise sources or warehoused materials in the area being analysed.
      • Determining of reflection, absorption, signal noise, and attenuation.
      • Outside WLAN installations that overlap with your own.
      • We provide the services in the basic and complete package for environments up to ca. 8000 sqm and up to a number of 30 access points.


      Should your WLAN infrastructure be used for business-critical applications, we recommend a physical, on-site analysis involving measurement of the actual premises. Moreover, after installation, in many cases a physical post site survey is useful. This ensures that the planning has actually been accurate—especially useful in new buildings, for example, where measuring has previously not been possible.

      Sample report: WLAN Simulation Bechtle 2020
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