Don’t let your data be a soft target.

When it comes to security, think hard.

Only hardware encryption gives your data the defence it deserves. Fortunately, the on-the-go secure storage solutions by Kingston IronKey don’t have any soft edges.

Non-encrypted drives

When data is taken outside of the office, your existing cybersecurity and data loss prevention policies can no longer keep you safe, making your data a soft target. Luckily IronKey drives provide on-the-go file storage with the ultimate portable security strategy.

Software-encrypted drives

The hard truth is that software-based encryption isn’t enough. While it has its advantages, it may not match its perception as being comprehensive. It’s only as secure as the device it is used on. In contrast, hardware-based encryption offers a more robust solution. So, if you’re only software-secure, it’s time to harden defences. 

Cloud storage

The cloud is not under your control. With unlimited password attempts, your files can continuously get attacked. Fortunately, IronKey devices meet the toughest security and compliance standards. 

Discover Kingston IronKey



IronKey Vault Privacy 50 Series

Premium USB drives that provide business-grade security with multi-password option for data recovery, new passphrase mode, dual read-only (write-protect) settings, and all the necessary certifications and compliance.


IronKey Vault Privacy 80 External SSD

Kingston’s first innovative OS-independent hardware-encrypted external SSD with touch screen for data protection. As innate as unlocking a smartphone and simple drag and drop file transfers, but with the utmost security.


IronKey Keypad 200

OS-independent XTS-AES 256-bit hardware-encrypted USB drive. It is also FIPS 140-3 Level 3 (pending) certified for military-grade security with enhancements that further elevate the bar for data protection.


IronKey Locker+ 50

Enhanced USB drive that provides consumer-grade security with AES hardware-encryption in XTS mode, including safeguards against BadUSB with digitally-signed firmware and Brute Force password attacks.

Why choose Kingston IronKey?

With the power and pedigree of Kinston Technology forged into every product, trust that your data is truly secure when it’s secured by Kingston IronKey.

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, FIPS 197 certified and XTS- AES 265-bit encryption capable devices
  • Built-in protections against BadUSB and brute force attacks
  • Multi-password option for data recovery
  • New passphrase mode
  • Dual Read-Only (write protect) settings
  • Virtual keyboard for shielded password entry
  • Locally manage drives for small and medium businesses
  • Easily manage thousands of drives for enterprise deployment
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