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Manufacturer no.: 50G0852

Bechtle no.: 4285759


Gross price: Kč12,573.11 incl. Kč2,182.11 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: P1058930-097C

Bechtle no.: 4274786


Gross price: Kč10,988.01 incl. Kč1,907.01 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: L0H25A

Bechtle no.: 4216229

Page yield: 225,000 pages


Gross price: Kč15,005.21 incl. Kč2,604.21 VAT

Available in 5 days.

Manufacturer no.: P1083320-012

Bechtle no.: 4195265

Product type: Print head


Gross price: Kč20,098.10 incl. Kč3,488.10 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: P1083320-010

Bechtle no.: 4195263

Product type: Print head


Gross price: Kč14,123.12 incl. Kč2,451.12 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: P1083320-011

Bechtle no.: 4195260

Product type: Print head


Gross price: Kč15,752.99 incl. Kč2,733.99 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: P1083347-005

Bechtle no.: 4195254

Product type: Print head


Gross price: Kč12,494.46 incl. Kč2,168.46 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: P1083347-006

Bechtle no.: 4195252

Product type: Print head


Gross price: Kč13,852.08 incl. Kč2,404.08 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: P1063406-045

Bechtle no.: 4093688

Product type: Cable


Gross price: Kč405.35 incl. Kč70.35 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: 1702NT8NL0

Bechtle no.: 4057693

Product type: Maintenance option


Gross price: Kč28,776.22 incl. Kč4,994.22 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: 1702RV0NL0

Bechtle no.: 2943780

Page yield: 100,000 pages, Printer model: ECOSYS M2040dn, ECOSYS M2135dn, ECOSYS M2635dn, ECOSYS M2735dw


Gross price: Kč6,965.97 incl. Kč1,208.97 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: 108R01122

Bechtle no.: 2783979

Page yield: 100,000 pages


Gross price: Kč7,666.56 incl. Kč1,330.56 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: P1050667-016

Bechtle no.: 2782338

Product type: Battery


Gross price: Kč3,103.65 incl. Kč538.65 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: 40X7706

Bechtle no.: 2778382

Product type: Maintenance option


Gross price: Kč838.53 incl. Kč145.53 VAT

In stock.

Manufacturer no.: 1702MS8NL0

Bechtle no.: 2756939

Page yield: 300,000 pages, Printer model: ECOSYS M3540dn


Gross price: Kč6,888.53 incl. Kč1,195.53 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: 1702LK0UN1

Bechtle no.: 2702286

Page yield: 600,000 pages, Printer model: Kyocera TASKalfa 3050, Kyocera TASKalfa 5550i, Kyocera TASKalfa 3550i


Gross price: Kč62,593.30 incl. Kč10,863.30 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: 1702LK0UN0

Bechtle no.: 2702235

Product type: Maintenance option


Gross price: Kč24,245.98 incl. Kč4,207.98 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: 1702LK0UN2

Bechtle no.: 2702161

Product type: Maintenance option


Gross price: Kč16,573.37 incl. Kč2,876.37 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: 1702ML0NL0

Bechtle no.: 2701642

Product type: Maintenance option


Gross price: Kč4,168.45 incl. Kč723.45 VAT

Available in 14 days.

Manufacturer no.: CF065-67901

Bechtle no.: 2697714

Product type: Maintenance option


Gross price: Kč9,761.07 incl. Kč1,694.07 VAT

Out of stock.

Keep your devices printing beautifully for longer

Many companies use their printers non-stop, putting them under a great deal of strain. Certain parts must be replaced regularly to ensure that your device continues producing high-quality results. With a total of over 70,000 products, our online shop has everything you need for your company’s specific print technology, including print heads, feeders, springs, enclosures, fuser units, paper trays, fans, circuit boards, rollers, scanners, separators, drums, developer units, maintenance kits, gears and drive belts. If you’re unsure which component is right for your printer, you can contact our product managers directly for expert advice.


Extensive portfolio of diverse brands

As with all our product categories, we make it our top priority to ensure that we offer printer parts for any and all business needs. Our offering includes a wide range of brands and manufacturers, which you can easily filter for in our online shop, helping you find the right components for your print technology. Is your print head defective? Does your fan no longer function properly? Are your rollers worn out? We’ve got what you need to replace them. Our portfolio includes replacement and wear parts in all price categories, as well as complete maintenance kits. Simply order your products at, and ensure that your business is fully equipped.


Prevention is better than cure

In addition to replacement parts for your printer, our online shop also offers a vast selection of handy cleaning and maintenance kits for extending your printer’s life. For instance, we carry special cleaning sheets for print heads maintenance. Maintenance kits comprise a set of wear parts—such as drums and various rollers and fuser units—that must be replaced regularly. When you’ve printed a certain number of sheets, certain models will notify you automatically that a particular part needs to be switched out. This allows you to keep your printer turning out excellent results for a long time yet. Maintenance kits are available for most professional printers. Check them out now!