11 questions you should ask yourself.

  • Looking at my equipment, what software do I want to reduce my processing time for? The optimisation has to be gaugeable and not only based on how it feels.
  • What do I use my equipment for? Calculations, flow simulation, structural mechanics, modelling, drawings, video editing, concepts, etc.
  • Am I using single-core or multi-core software? Can the software process hyper-threading?
  • What other applications does my equipment have to be designed for? Will these be run in parallel, on one or several monitors?
  • Do I have a licence that restricts my use rights to a specific number of cores?
  • What kind of graphics do I want? Adobe, After Effects, Plant 4D, C4D, Blender, Autocad, Archicad, etc.
  • Does my graphics card have to support CUDA? This is a parallel processing architecture thanks to which the computing power of the system is tenfold, using the full performance of the graphics processor.
  • Do I have to use quadro graphics cards, as the software vendor specifies?
  • What is my maximum storage requirement?
  • Will I do my work locally on my computer, without archiving, or remotely in the network?
  • What can the user/employee do, when their IT tool is at capacity and no longer available?

Overwhelmed with this topic? Bechtle and Fra-Sys are here to help. 

Answering these questions allows us to dimension the different components of your future computer. It’s better to know the most important, even critical criteria concerning use scenarios. Because it makes no sense to have a high-end graphics card when there’s a bottleneck somewhere else that’s blocking other hardware components.

This is a long and weary process, but absolutely necessary. For this kind of project, Bechtle has chosen FRA-SYS as an integrator of HPC solutions, to provide its customers with unique solutions on the European market.

Who is Fra-Sys?

French company Fra-Sys develops and produces optimised HPC stations, servers and clusters. From its headquarters in Lyon, Fra-Sys sells its products, stations, servers and computing clusters for all types of applications, mainly in Europe.

The company’s products are designed for very specific purposes that require high computing power— CAD, CAD/CAM, simulation, calculations, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, video editing…


Bechtle recommends Fra-Sys because their solutions allow you to unleash your IT’s potential to 100%. Want to find out more?

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