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One thing has become very clear over the last couple of years and that is to work effectively from home and ensure optimum collaboration with colleagues, we need tools that facilitate coordination. Applications have been developed that come with a raft of out-of-the-box features with most recent advancements, including video calls, team discussions and the possibility to work together on documents, greasing the wheels of collaboration in a hybrid work environment.

The tools we have at our disposal today have many features in common, which is why it is important to consider your particular needs and analyse the status quo of your IT ecosystem to determine which solution will work best for you. To help, ask yourselves these questions: 

  • What expectations do employees and teams have of a collaboration solution?
  • Which tool best fulfils your current requirements?
  • How easily can this tool be integrated into your existing infrastructures?
  • Do your compliance guidelines exclude the use of some tools?
  • What’s your strategy to ensure the solution will be accepted?

Tools to aid organisation and optimisation

The democratisation of collaboration platforms shows a real willingness among businesses to implement a new hybrid model of work within their organisations. 

Thanks to powerful, specially developed and user-friendly collaboration tools, remote working is becoming ever-easier to organise. They allow a whole new way of working that is attractive to employees and businesses that set great store in trust and personal responsibility. 

There are multiple platforms that optimise remote working and overcome the following challenges:

  • Project management organisation and productivity optimisation
  • Remote meeting organisation
  • Simplification of communication and collaboration
  • Saving data and sharing files

We can also make a differentiation between various categories to meet these challenges:

  • Collaboration suites (Microsoft 365)
  • Project management tools (Asana)
  • Internal collaboration platforms (Workplace)
  • Teams messenger (Microsoft Teams)
  • Storage and sharing tools (Google Drive)
  • Office suites (Microsoft Office)
  • Brainstorming tools (Klaxoon)

But which one is the best?

Collaboration tools customised to each business

Modern ways of working rely heavily on collective intelligence to drive projects forward and boost productivity, but they also demand tools that are tailored to the needs of all businesses and the challenges of working from home.
With Microsoft Teams as part of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite, colleagues can build communities and facilitate teamwork, while employees can share files and access a whole range of useful collaboration features(PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Skype…).

Project management tools such as Asana and Wrike are fantastic for companies looking to boost productivity, streamline processes, plan and organise—all at their own pace.  

When it comes to connecting all employees across an organisation, internal collaboration platforms like Workplace, Lumapps and Jive are fully-fledged solutions. These all-in-one platforms enable collaboration and discussion and securely combine videos, groups and the corporate intranet with professional tools that can be used by employees in their day-to-day business (including Microsoft and Google Tools suites)

The massive increase in the use of collaboration tools encompasses all kinds of collaboration—from team work and conferences to virtual events, business communities and messenger apps. Collaboration apps allow people to work from anywhere and create a more productive and inclusive community, both of which are essential for the digital transformation. The number of networked staff will continue to rise, both on the front line and in all other departments and thanks to developments in the fields of AI and virtual reality, it seems likely that a new generation of tools will appear on the market.

Bechtle offers support in all aspects of collaboration to make sure your company is ready for whatever the future holds.

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