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1 x USB Type-C female
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Manufacturer no.: 4527194

Bechtle no.: 4527194

Application: Notebook, Tablet, Power (max.): 45 W, Connectors: 1 x USB Type-C female


Gross price: €31.14 incl. €5.19 VAT
ECOLOGIC: 0.02€  (excl. VAT)

Available in 4 days.

Manufacturer no.: 4510097

Bechtle no.: 4510097

Application: Notebook, Power (max.): 100 W, Connectors: 1 x USB Type-C female


Gross price: €56.28 incl. €9.38 VAT
ECOLOGIC: 0.05€  (excl. VAT)

Expected delivery in over 20 days.

Manufacturer no.: 4510090

Bechtle no.: 4510090

Application: Notebook, Power (max.): 65 W, Connectors: 1 x USB Type-C female


Gross price: €33.48 incl. €5.58 VAT
ECOLOGIC: 0.05€  (excl. VAT)

Available in 4 days.

Maximise your potential with the right accessories.

Mobile computing accessories add more than just a pretty touch—they also provide practical benefits. For instance, cases, bags, backpacks and trolleys ensure protection on the road, because you can only stay mobile in the long run if you hardware travels along safely. Our Bechtle online shop offers both indispensable essentials and accessories that make your work life that much easier. Our product descriptions make it easy to see which accessories are compatible with your mobile devices. And if you still have questions, our specialists will be happy to provide expert advice.


Finding the accessories you want.

Our Bechtle online shop features over 70,000 products in total, so we’ve provided some features to help you navigate the selection. Enter specific items in the search bar or browse through individual categories. Various filter options are also available to narrow down your choices. For instance, you can limit the long list of brands to the manufacturer of your tablet, wearable, notebook or mobile phone, and then select more critiera to refine your search further.


Discover our manifold accessories.

Accessories are items that serve to enhance another product. But that doesn’t mean they’re any less important. It’s true that a power cable isn’t much use without a notebook—but doesn’t that also apply the other way around? And purchasing a new accessory is always less expensive than investing in a new device altogether. At, we make sure the accessories you need to keep your mobile computer functional are always available. So your business can continue to grow. Discover the many high-quality mobile computing accessories we carry, such as docking stations, hands-free kits and the humble power cable.