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      Anti-glare and privacy filters for your monitors and screens.

      Notebook privacy filters have a two-fold purpose. Not only do they protect data on your screen by reducing the angle of visibility, they also protect your display from scratches. Also worth a mention here are anti-glare filters which both reduce annoying reflections and protect your screen from damage. Our Bechtle online shop even offers a large variety of simple screen protectors for notebooks, tablets and smartphones.


      Office accessories – Laminators, shredders and office furniture.

      Many devices that aren’t connected to your network still require accessories. And standard office furniture sometimes needs a little something extra, too. Laminators, for instance, rely on laminating pouches, which Bechtle offers in various sizes, along with collection and disposal bags for shredders and special oils for maintaining the shredding mechanism. Furniture accessories include storage containers and monitor stands for secure support. If your office is still missing that final touch, check out the search and filter features in our online shop. They’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for among the 70,000 products we offer.


      Accessories as decision-making criteria.

      Accessories are often an afterthought—until you need them. ‘Are we out of laminating pouches again?’ Questions like these echo through offices every day. That’s why it’s wise to consider which accessories you’ll need when you purchase the device. While a new laminator is a one-off investment, pouches must be re-ordered regularly, and the associated costs may factor into your final selection. The same applies to accessories that are only available for specific devices or brands. Our product managers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.