Collaboration Assessment

Which collaboration solution suits your organisation best?

Is your office ready for the new way of working? For example, can a colleague working at home easily dial in and participate in a meeting with people physically present at the office? The possibilities for hybrid working are endless. Bechtle supports you with knowledge, services and tools to set up the right collaboration solution for your organisation. This way you make your company future-proof for the new way of working together.


Our expert creates a collaboration solution for you 

Together with you we find the right collaboration solution for your organisation. Your first step is to request your collaboration assessment. The collaboration assessment means that one of our collaboration experts will physically (and corona proof) visit your office space to take a close look at the current meeting situation. This is the only way to ensure that the space and the solution are tailored to the needs of your organisation. Because no two meeting rooms or companies are the same.


What does a collaboration assessment by Bechtle look like?

  • You request the assessment online by filling in the questionnaire.
  • By phone, we will set a date when our Collaboration expert can visit your organisation.
  • During a meeting, you indicate your needs and wishes. We listen and will:
    • map out the current collaboration situation of your organisation;
    • answer your (security) questions;
    • suggest the right collaboration platform for you;
    • carry out a meeting room assessment;
    • present our services to you.
  • After the intake, you will receive the report with the collaboration solution tailored to your company. The results of the assessment may include the following:
    • better collaboration between different teams with a focus on hybrid workplaces;
    • lower travel costs and a reduction of the CO2 footprint;
    • a reduction in the number of collaboration tools and an increase in user adoption.
  • If the solution is in line with your needs, we start rolling out your future-proof collaboration project.


Request your assessment and future-proof your meetings

Request your collaboration assessment by filling in the questionnaire below. Within 2 working days we will call you to set up an appointment with one of our collaboration experts.

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