Everything you need to know about Modern Endpoint Management.


If you were to describe Modern Endpoint Management in one sentence, it would sound like this: 
"Modern Endpoint Management (MEM) enables you to manage and secure all devices - smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops - from a single environment."

Thus, Modern Endpoint Management actually goes a step beyond the traditional, well-known management of devices. Underlying this change are two main reasons: 

  • Employees increasingly use different types of devices. An IT manager therefore has to manage an IT environment consisting of laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc. This involves a lot of work. 
  • Hybrid working is the new normal in many companies. Employees have the need to work flexibly, so the number of business devices they use outside the office is rising sharply.

The proliferation of (mobile) devices in and out of the office means that IT managers need to keep multiple MDM systems, EMM platforms and client management tools up and running. They are also expected to devise solutions to a continuous flow of new devices, operating systems, apps and threats that this digital transformation brings.

Of course, protecting and securing company data is also incredibly important. Employees use their devices, in addition to business use, for various personal reasons.

Emails are sent and received via professional and personal accounts, websites are also consulted at home in business and private contexts, and applications need to be available to cover various needs. Therefore, devices need to be protected and kept up-to-date as much as possible.

That’s where Modern Endpoint Management comes in!

Modern Endpoint Management has several advantages for both the user and the system administrator:

  • it is a convenience for both employees and system administrators;
  • it saves your IT team a lot of time;
  • it makes it possible to automate many tasks, allowing employees to work smoothly and safely, freeing up a lot of time for other tasks of the system administrator, among others;
  • improves the (end) user experience, as all the devices your employees use are automatically updated;
  • it provides an increased security base so there are fewer security incidents that need to be fixed.


Bechtle’s Modern Endpoint Management Assessment

Setting up Modern Endpoint Management takes time and requires expertise. There are several ways to deploy it and no two organisations have the same solution. To see which MEM solution best suits your organisation, we developed the  Bechtle Modern Endpoint Management assessment. In other words: we have the time and expertise to be your IT partner in this.



Download the e-book 

In the e-book "Modern Endpoint Management (MEM)", we give you more insight into MEM, its benefits and a complete overview of the solution so you are completely up to date.




Bechtle’s Modern Management Assessment

We have the time and expertise to be your IT partner. Because setting up Modern Endpoint Management takes time and requires expertise. Moreover, the variety of options complicates the choice. Because which solution do you choose? The Bechtle Modern Endpoint Management assessment will help you on your way.