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This year marks Actief Interim’s twentieth year as a customer of Bechtle. Actief Interim has seen Bechtle change and grow over the years. Time for a conversation.

Actief Interim – A customer of Bechtle for 20 years


‘In 2008 when I started my job at Actief Interim, the organisation had been a customer of Bechtle for years,’ says David Vanhex – IT employee at Actief Interim. With its total of 225 offices (with 80 of those in Belgium) in four countries, Actief Interim is doing very well at present. The temporary employment agency represents over 20,000 workers, of whom 450 are in Belgium. Each day, this organisation searches for the perfect candidate for its customers.

This year marks Actief Interim’s twentieth year as a customer of Bechtle. Actief Interim has seen Bechtle change and grow over the years. Naturally, this meant it was time for a conversation.

How do you experience your relationship with Bechtle?

David Vanhex explains, ‘In general, extremely positively. I have been assigned a number of different account managers over the years, but I have never experienced a difference in their approaches. Bechtle does not push you to purchase new products or to take certain decisions. Of course they ask about the status of certain things, but generally speaking I do not experience this as the pushy feeling that I get from other players in the market.

I always trust in my instincts when I make a decision. In the past, I could also reach out to other IT partners who might have been cheaper at that moment but I did not have a good feeling about. Obviously, price is very important. However, when it concerns a small amount I would prefer to choose a partner that I feel good about.’

What differentiates Bechtle from other IT partners?

David Vanhex says, ‘I am very pleased with the support Bechtle provides after a project is rolled out. Problems can always occur during a roll out, but Bechtle then quickly resolves this and I do not experience any inconvenience from this. That is definitely not the case with every IT partner. In particular, I really appreciate the contact with my dedicated account manager Tom (Lodewijks). As of 2017, he is my point of contact at Bechtle. For certain projects, I also have contact with other persons within Bechtle, which is always a pleasant experience. I find the friendly and positive approach to by typical of Bechtle.’

Tom Lodewijks adds, ‘I always enjoy working with David. The communication is always very open and honest. I always know where I stand.’

What has Bechtle been able to help you with throughout the years?

David Vanhex explains, ‘Throughout the years, we primarily purchased hardware from Bechtle. A number of years ago, we were searching for a videoconferencing system for the meeting rooms in our head office. Tom then put me in touch with Poly and arranged a number of demo’s in Brussels, where we could test the products together. It was ideal because it meant I could see everything working live, which was really of added value to me.

We recently made a purchase amounting to over 300 devices. Everything proceeded smoothly, both the contact and delivery. I did not want everything to be delivered to us in a single shipment as I did not have the space to store all the devices. We therefore split the delivery into a number of batches. I signalled Tom when the next batch could be delivered. Everything went as planned. That is most often the case when I work with Bechtle, and that's why I am very happy with our long-standing relationship.’

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