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As a global leader in retreading solutions, Bandag combines over 60 years of industry expertise with an uncompromising dedication to safety and reliability.

Bandag’s challenge

Jos Moons, Project Coordinator at Bandag: ‘Our challenge was to upgrade our current data room, which had become dated. Remodelling the space proved to be extremely challenging: The walls and ceiling needed to be replaced with fireproof materials; we needed a new cooling system; and the power distribution and the existing racks couldn’t accommodate our growth. It was also crucial for Bandag to safeguard production, ensuring downtime was kept to an absolute minimum.’

Our solution, together with APC by Schneider Electric

Nico Sannen, Data Center Solution Advisor at Bechtle direct: ‘We worked with Schneider Electric to design an external data room that caters to Bridgestone’s general requirements while also considering the local site’s specific needs. That’s why we took Bandag to the production site in Barcelona, to give them a good idea of what to expect and to show them exactly what it would look like. The visit also gave us the opportunity to discuss all the options in detail.’

Arne Ruttens, Key Account Manager at Bechtle direct: ‘It was clear from the outset of this project that we needed to partner with a manufacturer who offered an A-to-Z solution. Alongside their standard range, Schneider Electric offers a degree of flexibility that made all the difference in this project. On top of that, we’ve benefited from Schneider Electric’s full support for the duration of the project, which is vital for a complex project such as a modular data room.’

A solution with added value

Nicolas Torisaen, Data Centers Solution Architect at Schneider Electric: ‘The new building delivers added value for Bandag, mainly because there is a new data room that we can develop entirely according to the latest specifications, fully up to speed with UPS efficiency rates: the cooling we use, fire safety and, of course, the remote monitoring of the building. Moreover, we were able to do all of this without any interruption to the plant’s continuous production process. It’s a future-proof solution that lets the customer pursue their growth plans while having a very comfortable place to work.’

Business contact of Bechtle and APC by Schneider Electric

Thomas Van Tricht, IT Channel & Alliances Manager for Belgium and Luxembourg at Schneider Electric: ‘This successful collaboration was based on the solid business relationship Bechtle has with Bandag. The fact that they sat round this table talking about the future of the IT infrastructure illustrates just that. This was also backed up by the partnership between Bechtle and Schneider Electric. As Schneider Electric’s Premier Partner, Bechtle has been trained and is certified in our solutions and is therefore also ideally placed to discussing all the options with their customers. The fact that we at Schneider Electric were able to get involved so early in the process also led to a successful end result.’

If you want to read more about the data centre solution for Bandag, please download the whitepaper: