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Benefits of desktop virtualisation

Desktop virtualisation opens up a host of advantages. By relocating operating systems to a central location, you no longer have to install them individually on each device—and upgrades and maintenance can be performed centrally as well. Leaner thin clients, brought in to replace powerful PCs, reduce energy consumption and thereby contribute to greener IT. Desktop virtualisation also notably lowers the risk of software incompatibility and increases reliability. But it also raises data centre complexity—and that means additional hardware, network infrastructure and software.


VMware, Citrix and Microsoft at

Desktop virtualisation can take many forms. Perhaps you want to limit it to certain applications. Or maybe you’d like to continue using certain local servers. These and other options are accommodated by scalable software solutions from VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, which we offer in our online shop. These three companies are the main players on the desktop virtualisation market, with VMware in the top position. You’ll find its most popular product, VMware Workstation, at


The steady advance of virtualisation

Desktop virtualisation entails centralising resources, and that leads to substantial changes in your IT. For instance, the data centres housing these centralised resources must be highly reliable. They must also possess sufficiently large data processing capacity and guarantee redundancy for individual components. Microsoft Virtual Desktop, VMware Workstation and Citrix XenDesktop are three dependable solutions to ensure these requirements are met. Combined with the appropriate hardware components, they pave the way for successful desktop virtualisation. Our product managers will be happy to assist you in finding the right solution for your business.