Modular data centre competence – Methods and connected dispersion.

With the growing complexities, rapid changes and new demands that digitalisation is heaping on businesses, the need to completely modernise IT is becoming increasingly urgent. In future-proof IT there’s no room for the inflexible silo structures that still seem to prevail. It’s all about dynamism, agility and flexibility. Services and applications need to be deployed quickly and users want a smooth experience like they know from the public cloud. One thing is for sure: A consistent, comprehensively managed hybrid or multi-cloud will be the infrastructure of choice in the years to come. This means combining a private cloud based on in-house computers with services from one or several public clouds and managed as interoperably and uniformly as possible.

What role will in-house data centres play in the future?

The in-house data centre won’t fall by the wayside in the age of the hybrid multi-cloud, but there are questions that remain to be answered:

  • How do I plan a future-proof IT landscape?
  • What decisions need to made regarding new digitalised business processes and supply chains?
  • Which technologies and services are best for my data centre modernisation plans?

It’s a complex process that demands a lot from those involved and requires fundamental, realistic analysis, planning and flexible implementation. Our teams are driven to support you whatever your needs. Bechtle is by your side during the entire transformation process with a multi-stage processing and consulting model, plus we support you with our philosophy of connected dispersion. Our Data Centre and Cloud Competence Centre delivers our Bechtle expertise directly to where you need it, turning our central data centre solutions experience into on-site implementation expertise.

Methodical and modular data centre competence.

With our multi-stage consulting model, you remain flexible, limit the financial risk of consultation and implementation and can always depend on our certified Bechtle consultants – every step of the way. In each module, we work with you in an interactive workshop to define what should happen in each phase, how it will be implemented, what the goals are and which solution could be the best for each one of your needs. This lets you maximise the opportunities presented by digitalisation and lay the foundations for future growth.


Business assessment – Requirements.

Our business architects work with you to analyse your organisation, goals, business areas and capabilities. Discussions with your management decision makers thus create a common starting point and help to define a vision for the future.



Architecture and IT assessment – Know what’s what.

Together with your IT team, we analyse your existing infrastructure, its readiness, performance and availability


Delta analysis and cloud-readiness – Differentiating between goals and the status quo.

What IT is needed to achieve defined goals? Together with stakeholders from specialist departments, IT and management, solution proposals are defined and condensed into a decision paper, taking into account time, budget, resources and risks.


Platform design – A new image.

Aufbauend auf den ersten Phasen entsteht für den IT-Bereich das Bild eines Plattformdesigns. Das Konzept der Transition umfasst nötige Partner und konkrete Migrationspfade.


Road map and deliverables – The in-house impact of planning.

A project plan is developed, a proof of concept implemented, user experiences incorporated. Only then can transition begin.


Organisation and skills – Modern strategy for personnel development.

To ensure the transition is a success, we work with HR and department heads to make sure that employees have or gain the necessary skills. 
Bechtle also takes care of regular control and monitoring of what’s happening in the cloud, and also offers additional support right up to operation all available as a range of price models including fixed monthly prices and on an on-demand basis.

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