IT Infrastructure Warranties & Services

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                    Invest in your long-term plans with warranty extensions and upgrades

                    When core IT infrastructure components fail, the fallout doesn’t just affect your business productivity—replacing them can be downright expensive. That’s why it’s prudent to plan ahead and purchase IT infrastructure warranties and services along with your hardware. While warranty upgrades for servers won’t prevent them from ever going down, they can protect you above and beyond the standard manufacturer warranty. And that means you can depend on your hardware investment for many more years. Warranty extensions and upgrades for switches and routers are also a wise choice. In addition, manufacturer service packs ensure you receive regular updates.


                    Warranty upgrades for enhanced system security

                    Security hardware in particular must be protected, as it keeps your network safe from intruders. If this aspect of your IT infrastructure fails for any substantial amount of time, your data may travel unprotected and your network may be breached. This is where a security service contract comes in handy, providing not only technical support but also updates. Defective hardware can also be replaced quickly through warranty upgrades that guarantee next-business-day delivery. So your network security is re-established in no time. Take advantage of warranty extensions to receive hardware services past the expiry of legally required warranties.


                    IT infrastructure warranties and services directly from the manufacturer

                    The IT products that can be protected by a warranty upgrade are manifold. In addition to servers and security components, warranties for storage technology should not be neglected. IT infrastructure warranties and services are provided by the manufacturers themselves. Their prices and included services vary and should be taken into consideration when weighing your hardware options. Learn more about the different packages at and choose from different warranty durations available in our online shop. Our helpful search function will take you directly to the appropriate manufacturer.