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Do you have insight into all the software licences used by your colleagues in different departments? Do you sometimes lose track of how many licences are in circulation? And do you have an idea how much you consume when it comes to services from cloud providers? Bechtle's own cloud platform, Bechtle Clouds, gives you the insight you need. One clear portal through which you can purchase licences and cloud services from all leading cloud providers. Bechtle Clouds is your one-stop shop with automatic links to the portals of software manufacturers and hyperscalers.

Bechtle Clouds is a multi-vendor cloud marketplace. Through this platform, you can purchase licences and cloud services from all leading cloud providers. We offer one clear portal that allows you to purchase licences and cloud services in just a few clicks. Bechtle Clouds is linked to the portals of software manufacturers and hyperscalers, making it easy for you to order and manage them all in one place.

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One clear portal

You can compare Bechtle Clouds to a webshop where you can activate licences from different brands in just a few steps. This is done via the fully automated self-service portal. Moreover, you won't have to deal with several days of processing time - your employees can start using your new licences within minutes. By connecting your Azure, AWS or Google Cloud environment, the customer dashboard gives you one clear overview of both your usage- and licence-based products and services.

Managed services

Via Bechtle Clouds, in addition to software and cloud services, we also offer our own services, such as managed services. For example, do you want support with the management and security of your Microsoft Azure environment? Then our specialists will look with you - for how long and to what extent you wish. You can also switch these services on and off via the Bechtle Clouds platform.

Key benefits at a glance

  • You gain insight and control over all your cloud and software subscriptions;
  • Simple management via one clear dashboard;
  • Self-service for, among other things, scaling up and down licences on a monthly basis;
  • A unique and extensive portfolio, including Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe and Google, as well as our own managed services;
  • Direct connection with all major hyperscalers;
  • A secure platform thanks to multi-factor authentication (MFA);
  • Consolidated billing for your cloud and software subscriptions, including extensive cost centre billing capabilities;
  • Fully automated and 24/7 technical support;
  • Advice from experienced Bechtle advisors and consultants.

Broad portfolio

We offer you a broad portfolio, available to your IT department at the push of a button. The portfolio includes well-known brands such as Microsoft and Adobe, but also hyperscalers such as Amazon and Google. Most of the leading manufacturers are available. The Bechtle Clouds portfolio is continuously updated and expanded. Thus, additional new services and services will be added soon!


Want to know more about Bechtle Clouds?

Would you like additional information or to get started with Bechtle Clouds? Get in touch with our specialists. They will think along with you and make your IT department completely familiar with the platform.

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