Public Sector

Bechtle – IT Solutions Public.

Use the experience based on over 20 Years in the public sector of Belgium to your benefit. Let the knowledge from projects all over Europe work in your favor. You have a reliable IT-partner in Bechtle that will go with you all the way.

Let our tried and trusted network of specialists and suppliers be the foundation of your achievements. From workspaces to complete network infrastructures, from office applications to security management – we got you covered.

Together we turn your digitalization project step by step into a success story.  Let us build a solid relationship that endures for the long term.

Expert Knowledge

30 experts at the tender desk are there for you to contact. They will support your digital venture in any phase. Start your project with in-depth counselling to make sure you know what you need, and you get what you want.

Acquire cost effective hard and software solutions. Integrate them into your existing IT-infrastructure or setup a completely new environment. Reduce the running cost by smart management and lean administration.

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Tender desk

Bechtle’s tender desk is one of the most experienced tender desks in Belgium. It handles more than 100 calls for tenders each year. Our tender desk has the knowledge to provide tailored advice for your sector.
Find out how to make your call for tender as efficient as possible…

Best Practices

Benefit from our multivendor-capability. Gain access to both the leading manufacturers as well as specialized solution providers. Combine our expertise with the full range of products and services.

Get your tailormade answer to the challenges of new work environments like flexible workplaces, automated workflows, digitalized services and cloud structures.

Fitting Solutions

Cope with the broad range of the small and big challenges of the digital transformation process. Rely on a trustworthy partner who knows the needs of the public sector in depth and is more than familiar with its specific requirements and procedures -  be it federal and state government, energy, healthcare, research, education or non-profit organizations.

The representatives of these sectors all act in the public interest but their IT requirements couldn’t be more different. Our specialised account managers take the target group’s requirements and precisely tailor services.


Our e-procurement service has been designed to simplify our customers’ buying processes. Our system is linked to that of hospitals, schools, municipalities or other organisations, eliminating the need to retype vast quantities of information.

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Your public administration solutions partner:

Get your organisation future-ready.

Configure your workplace of the future, make information easily accessible and develop scenarios for hybrid cloud models now. To do so, you need a solutions partner like Bechtle that handle all things The Modern Workplace   and take into account the readiness of public institutions according to their individual compliance and security requirements. As an experienced solutions partner for the public sector, we’ll show you how you can identify opportunities and areas of action in compliance with regulations, and how you can select efficient solutions from ever-faster technologies and innovation cycles. Whether you are looking for individual software packages, tailored IT solutions, solution management, X-aas , cyber security or to implement public services, we are your experienced partner for a sustainable, smart and digital future. 


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Your public sector service partner:

We’ll manage your IT solutions.

Procure variable IT services  at a fixed price and pay for what you use. It’s becoming increasingly common for public sector customers to form procurement associations that can acquire products and services at a reduced cost. Bechtle packages resources into neat bundles when creating quotes, while providing direct support to all members of the purchasing group, from delivering components all the way to operation services – regionally, nationally or across Europe.



Healthcare calls for the highest standards when it comes to quality and security. Improving patient care is by definition the very purpose of any venture in this field. The digital transformation process bears great potential to accelerate the improvement of patient care.


Well-digitized universities and schools are benefitting in many ways from the new electronic devices, e-learning materials an communications software they use. Other educational face a bigger challenge to make best use of technology to help improve education and administration.


The public administration finds itself amidst the ever-advancing digitization: The expectations of citizens are as high as the requirements imposed by laws and regulations. Not to mention self-expectations regarding performance and service. And the pace of technological change is nothing but increasing.