Energy And Utility Companies

The energy and utility sector will be focusing on digitalisation over the coming years: it has no choice but to invest in digital transformation processes if it wants to keep offering a high-quality service for end customers. 

An energy company’s original task used to be to collect, transport, convert and distribute energy among users. But nowadays industries, households and vehicles don’t only consume energy but also generate it, store it and feed it back into the grid. Energy companies have a scattered network of energy supplies and must continually monitor generation capacity. There’s a huge need for digitalisation. Cloud solutions, IoT, and big data are playing a major role in this transformation.

Secure your network and data against cyberattacks

While there are many benefits to digitalisation, it is important to continue prioritising security. A growing number of organisations – among which energy and utility companies – are being targeted by cyberattacks. Cybercriminals infiltrate systems and can expose thousands of households to a rolling blackout. Bechtle works with you to look at how we can best set up and secure your network and data centres. 

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Bechtle Sustainability Strategy 2030.

Bechtle is a future-oriented company. We are driven by solid objectives, manifested in a quantifiable vision. Discover more about sustainability at Bechtle.


Digitalisation: the key to business continuity

The constantly changing sector has taken some major steps in the last decade:

  • Energy companies now communicate much more transparently with consumers, who now enjoy ever greater insights into their energy and water consumption;
  • End users can easily switch their energy supplier;
  • End customers now often produce their own energy and feed it back into the grid;
  • Energy is becoming less polluting, with different sources being added to the energy mix used on the grid.

These factors are leading to more complex transport and distribution processes and driving investment in transformation projects aimed at ensuring business continuity. Bechtle offers you practical knowledge and experience of digital transformation processes. You benefit from access to a large network of specialists and receive support in developing a strategy that meets your organisation’s needs.

Invest in a modern workplace

With working from home now considered standard practice by many employees, Bechtle can help you to create a safe, optimally designed work-from-home setup for your professionals. We provide advice on the devices you need and also provide support for software solutions. Want to reduce paperwork at the office? Our managed print services could help you.

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Managed Services

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Wouter Breban

Responsible for Frame Agreements