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Enterprise networking – The backbone of your business.

Networks play a crucial role in today’s business world, controlling, networking and analysing all communications, whether incoming, outgoing or within your organisation. Especially now that employees are becoming increasingly mobile, networks must also integrate and manage a growing number of end devices—and they must do so securely. After all, mobile workers are accessing valuable business information stored in your equally valuable network. Because many cyber attacks are unwittingly facilitated by staff, certain security protocols must be in place to ensure that only those authorised to do so are actually able to access your network.

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LAN switching – More than just a network.

Cabled large-area networks (LAN) are a cornerstone of business technology, not only enabling the growing number of broadband-intensive applications such as video communication, but also supporting the upsurge in wireless technology. LAN switching infrastructure connects countless devices and systems communicating with one another over your business network. While connectivity and broadband performance are certainly important, there are many other considerations as well. For instance, networks are increasingly relied upon to guarantee high communication security and prevent unauthorised access. In addition, networks must prioritise the transmission of data intended for business-critical applications, a criteria known as Quality-of-Service. All of these aspects work together to provide a wide range of end devices with the services they need for optimum communication.

Modern LAN switches not only supply power to connected devices through PoE, they open the door to new network functions. For instance, they support building technology and accommodate numerous sensors—devices that can be controlled and managed intelligently through switches.


The newest paradigm of highly flexible networking is software-defined networking (SDN), which allows you to virtualise and centrally manage hardware, control software and applications.


Network control is thus separated from physical infrastructure and relocated to a type of network abstraction layer. This enables you to automate and simplify network operation, including system configuration. In addition, data streams for business-critical applications can be controlled and optimised to meet demand.

Tomas Kreemers


Tomas Kreemers

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Tom Meekers

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Wi-Fi – Quality is key.

Virtually all mobile devices, machines and equipment have some sort of wireless interface. It’s no longer a question of whether or not to use Wi-Fi, but rather where and how to implement it.

Key considerations include:

  • The stability of your Wi-Fi connection
  • Adequate coverage
  • Secure access for both business and personal devices (BYOD), as well as guests
  • Value-added services such as analytics and geolocation in addition to data connections
  • Easy management, system maintenance and troubleshooting

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The right equipment.

Craftsmen use specific tools to ply their trade. It’s no different when planning high-quality Wi-Fi solutions. Unfortunately, many providers scrimp on equipment. Not us. We work with modified specialist equipment and software such as Ekahau Site Survey Pro, which lets us quickly and securely survey the parameters relevant to implementing Wi-Fi on your premises. This not only saves you time and money, it also minimises issues within your environment. And we’re even able to provide these services during the business hours of a busy shopping centre or in a 24x7 warehouse.


Location-based services.

Whether via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth beacons, ultra-specific geolocation has numerous advantages, for example allowing you to more quickly locate equipment that may have been moved, thanks to enhanced data quality and accuracy. We offer special apps providing custom geolocation services for you and your own customers.