IT Security: How secure is your company data?

Is your organisation susceptible to cyber attacks? Are the company and/or private data within your organisation sufficiently protected? Whether you work for a private, governmental or semi-governmental organisation, all regularly have cyber attacks targeted towards them. Read the e-book to discover the five most common security threats. The consequences of a cyber-attack are huge: loss of customer confidence, reputational damage, claims for damages and the cost of restoring productivity can be considerable in the case of ransomware. You need a specialised IT-partner who thinks like a hacker. Thankfully, Bechtle can help you with that.

Bechtle Security Assessment

At Bechtle we assess and improve your IT systems based on a Security Assessment. 

We do this on both the internal and the external networks. 

The ‘threat intel’ then forms the foundation of the selection process to ensure that the teams within your organisation can continue to flexibly develop, digitise and innovate. 

Fixed price

With Bechtle, you always receive a single fixed price, ensuring there is no hassle with complicated quotations and that you know in advance where you stand when all is said and done.


We guarantee that every individual responsible for IT or security will understand the entirety of our report. 

This will ensure that there are no issues regarding interpretation or implementation of the plan.

Hyper-relevant, for government agencies too

You will receive reports and recommendations targeted to your business, challenges and the phase your organisation is in. Especially in governmental organisations, we have a proven track record in securing personal data: from utility companies to city or federal governments. Secure your IT and request your Security Assessment. We will then contact you to schedule an appointment.


The five most common security threats.

What are the five most common IT-security threats? And what can you do to prevent it? Download the e-book and you will find out.


Entire risk overview
of what makes
your business vulnerable

Overview of vulnerabilities
including risk
classification and resolution

Detailed step-by-step plan
priority and road map

Extensive briefing for IT management,
the board of directors
and/or management

Internal network:
in-depth review
of all nodes

External network:
map of the
entirety of infrastructure
that can be accessed
via the internet,
incl. basic overview of digital footprint*

The Bechtle Security Solution


Bechtle offers the Security Assessment. You receive a transparent and full overview, including the complete and comprehensive report about the vulnerabilities of your company or organisation. 







*option to add an entire OSINT assessment.

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