Digital call-offs from framework agreements

A framework agreement is a contract concluded between Bechtle and its customers on the purchase of products. Parameters are first defined with your Bechtle account manager, who then ensures the agreement is added to your My Bechtle account to simplify call-offs on

Our customers benefit from clear information on availability, delivery times and custom prices, plus you’ll have the possibility to call-off hardware, software, IT services and training courses whenever you need them and easily track remaining quantities in your My Bechtle account.

Defined framework agreement – Quantity, price and time periods

Call off your products around the clock

Optimal use of framework agreements

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Customer-specific individual prices


Andreas Mehrer

Senior Digital Transformation Manager at Bechtle

Andreas Mehrer

Before the launch of 28 years ago, we set ourselves the objective of providing our customers with an optimum experience when it came to the online procurement of hardware and software, which is why we are always looking for new and unique features. By digitalising framework and call-off agreements, our customers can now place their orders completely independently whenever they like.

Framework agreements are an essential part of customer projects as they can safeguard supplies—particularly useful in today’s challenging market. If you are interested in seeing how digitalisation can improve your procurement processes, get in touch with your account manager or complete the contact form below.

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