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Mobile working contributes to a positive work-life balance

Is it difficult for your employees to find a good work-life balance? They're not alone. Research shows that no less than 40% of the Flemish people have difficulty finding the right work-life balance. 


Flexible working

What is clear in 2020 is that work and private life can no longer be separated. The fusion of professional and personal lives seems to go against the idea of work-life balance. But in practice it gives us the freedom to decide for ourselves how, where and when we want to work. To create a work model like this, you need a few things: trust in your employee, you need to offer the right technology and your employees need to stay motivated.


Why working from home can be positive for your company

  • Research shows that 93% of employees are more productive when they work from home;
  • Employees can focus on projects without being disturbed by ad hoc questions from colleagues;
  • Many employees are looking for an employer that offers a good work/life balance. Attract the best people by taking advantage of the opportunity to work from home.


Make sure you have the right technology in house

To be able to work when and where you want, you need the right technology. You want to guarantee the same service to your customers, so your employees need the same efficient working environment at home as in the office. Thanks to ever lighter and faster laptops, powerful smartphones and hybrid devices, we can stay connected in the same quality way and finish our work undisturbed.


The ideal home office for your employees

We've created a page with all things that are necessary for a safe and productive home office.

Check our ideal home office here.

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Why you should invest in new devices.

Investing in new devices can help you. Why? Download our infographic now!



Device as a Service.

Onboarding 300 colleagues in twelve different countries before noon? No problem.