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Turning data into 3D objects through additive manufacturing

3D printers have already carved out a niche for themselves in research and industry. But since the release of the first 3D printer in 1988, they’ve become much more versatile and affordable. This type of manufacturing involves building three-dimensional objects layer by layer through physical and chemical processes that cause the material to melt and then harden. The entire production of these geometric shapes is controlled by your computer. As 3D printers improve, doors have opened to uses previously unimaginable. Technology firms and automobile manufacturers aren’t the only ones working with 3D printers. Medical technology, furniture manufacturing and engineering also rely on these devices. That’s why you’ll find such a promising selection of products by renowned 3D printer manufacturers at


From product development to functional and design testing

As printing technology, software and materials improve, the market and possibilities of 3D printing are taking off as well. Although synthetic, the materials used look like wood or stone. And they can be hard or soft, heat-resistant, water-soluble or food-safe. As a result, 3D printers can manufacture virtually anything, from electrical boxes to the newest style of shoe. They allow product developers to create prototypes as well as small-scale series. No matter whether you’re a craftsman, service provider or industrial firm, 3D printing can open up a world of opportunity. When deciding on a printer, make sure to look for a sturdy, rigid frame and high-quality extruder to ensure first-class printing for many years to come.


The sky’s the limit with 3D printers

3D printers harbour endless possibilities that have yet to be discovered. In future, they may help save transport and warehousing costs by rendering stockpiles of spare parts obsolete. They can also make it easier to customise products, for example in the medical field. Our expert product manager will be happy to assist you in selecting an appropriate 3D printer. If you’re thinking of investing in this key technology of the future, it’s important to find out about any software upgrades required as well as the cost of printing consumables. Check out our online shop at for premium products, professional expertise and a broad range of brands.