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Expert advice for the right cloud strategy.

When it comes to cloud environments, there is no standard solution. Every company has different requirements that require an appropriate cloud strategy. The right strategy and suitable cloud technology are indispensable for meeting your company’s specific goals.


That’s why we take into account both your business processes and existing IT infrastructure when assessing your needs. Our certified IT architects will design your ideal cloud architecture—whether it’s a private, public, hybrid or business cloud.


We’ll show you the transformation process right from the start, from the initial planning stage to implementation and subsequent monitoring.

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Our cloud consulting services comprise five phases:




Phase 1: Business requirements and current situation.

Analyse business processes and existing IT infrastructure.




Phase 2: Assessment and blueprint.

  • Assess needs and determine overall design using our Cloud Radar
  • Assess costs and licences
  • Advise on future solutions architectures
  • Show cloud solution within the overall context (IT Blueprint)



Phase 3: Definition of cloud solutions.

Design a target cloud architecture and determine service parameters.





Phase 4: Migration planning.

Plan the migration using a roadmap.





Phase 5: Implementation of the cloud project.

Implement and monitor your migration into the cloud.


Why define a cloud strategy?

Migrating to the cloud doesn’t automatically guarantee lower costs. Many companies who made the transition without a clear cloud strategy  IT see no change in their expenses. Why? Because their processes weren’t suited to cloud computing. Even if the initial outlay was lower, higher operating costs may have cancelled out those savings.


The decision to move to the cloud depends on your company’s circumstances—not what everyone else is doing. It’s important to thoroughly assess whether cloud computing makes sense for your specific environment.

Which cloud is best for your company? Choose from a wide range of services on a single platform.

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