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                    Ergonomic, practical and comfortable.

                    More than half of all employees in Germany work in front of a computer or other screen. Ergonomic furniture is an important factor affecting staff performance and helps prevent the symptoms of fatigue. Over the past few years, new computer desks have been developed that allow users to alternate between sitting and standing as they work. Our Bechtle online shop offers models with and without mounts as well as options for one or two monitors. In addition to a large selection of desk-mounted platforms, we also carry mobile PC workstations with casters—for example, medical carts that can be disinfected and which feature a built-in battery for notebooks, keyboards and monitors for use in medical environments.


                    A single desk for multiple users.

                    The adjustable height of modern computer furniture makes it possible for employees to switch desks effortlessly. This aligns perfectly with innovative office arrangements such as hot-desking, where employees sit at any available spot instead of being assigned a permanent desk. Premium desks and mounted platforms can be effortlessly raised with just one hand to match your exact body height—no tools required. Certain models feature casters, so you can easily move them from room to room. Most PC carts are suitable for both hard and soft flooring. Our product managers on will be happy to assist you in finding the right product to meet your specific needs.


                    The right office furniture in every situation.

                    In addition to computer desks, our Bechtle online shop also offers furniture specially designed to support and transport peripheral devices. These include, for example, printer and projector stands. And no conference room would be complete without presentation boards, available in multiple sizes and variations. We also carry wall and door-mounted whiteboards that can be upgraded modularly or equipped with casters for a mobile solution you can fold, tip or rotate. In addition, you’ll find traditional paper flipcharts and large corkboards for brainstorming. And don’t forget those small but important accessories, from whiteboard markers to magnets—they’re easy to find using the extensive filters in our Bechtle online shop.