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                      Enclosures of all kinds.

                      HDD and SSD enclosures come in various versions, including the new M.2 format. External hard drives require enclosures with suitable ports for transferring data to a PC, notebook or other device. While traditional solutions include FireWire and USB, SAS, SATA and PCIe interfaces are increasingly popular as they offer even faster transfer rates. External hard drive enclosures play an important role in data backup. Businesses can built multiple internal hard drives into an external enclosure for an affordable backup solution. These products are regularly upgraded to deliver even greater flexibility, enabling mobile backups using OTG card readers, for instance. They also allow for mobile backups of large data volumes without an additional power source. Explore our online shop to find the right solution for you.


                      High-quality drives and enclosures.

                      You’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for in our online shop. We carry more than 70,000 products in total, including various external enclosures and drives to backup data on any media, from floppy disks and optical media to flash cards. Choose between a built-in SATA interface, external USB solution or any other type of interface. Additional devices, such as RDX and LTO drives, are available in our storage category. Discover all that Bechtle has to offer at


                      Drive bays and enclosures for PC use.

                      Drives are used to access data on CDs and DVDs, and sometimes floppy disks and magnetic tapes. Different types of media offer read-only or read/write access. Explore the various excellent, no-fuss drives available at In addition to internal and external hard drives, discover our extensive selection of drive brackets and carriers, produced by trusted manufacturers such as Delock, Lindy and You’ll find the recommended connection cables directly in the product details, so you can purchase them on the same order. And if you have any questions about compatibility, our product managers will be happy to assist you.