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                      Excellent webcams and other business products.

                      Explore the many audiovisual products our Bechtle online shop carries for business use, such as high-quality webcams that enable superior image and video quality for clear video conferences. You’ll also find handy mobile speakers that double as a hands-free speakerphone, thanks to a built-in microphone. So you can conveniently discuss urgent matters with your colleagues or customers while on the road. Certain products are able to link to mobile devices via Bluetooth for a practical, wireless solution. In our online shop, you’ll find a large selection of portable models that won’t take up much space on your business travels.


                      Capture key thoughts before they’re gone.

                      Imagine you’ve just hung up the phone after a watershed conversation with a new client. There’s so much to remember! What you need is a practical dictation device to ‘jot down’ your thoughts orally—even during the discussion itself. Dictation devices are also useful for recording a summary of yesterday’s management meeting to pass along to colleagues and assistants. Choose between wireless and wired dictation devices from brands such as Philips or Olympus in our online shop. In addition, we offer extensive accessories such as compatible storage media. You can also optimise your workflow with a professional transcription kit to produce paper documentation.


                      Select first-rate audiovisual products at

                      Our online shop carries a broad range of audiovisual products, from MP3 players to wired or wireless dictation devices and the latest webcams. Our headphones and dictation systems, including suitable microphones, are produced by leading manufacturers such as Philips and Olympus. You’ll also find a large selection of mobile Bluetooth speakers, some of which are even waterproof. Use the search bar in our online shop to go directly to the various products of different providers.