Document and Printing Solutions

Wouldn't it be nice if printing was more than just a necessary cost for your business? If you could implement printing solutions to help you boost productivity and achieve your goals? To achieve this, printing must become a completely integrated platform that enables you to create content, share information and manage workflows while providing a fully secure, efficient, reliable and sustainable environment.


If enterprise printing is only seen as a cost factor, then it becomes a burden that eats up valuable resources. However, when it comes to printing, it’s not only about how fast the paper comes out of the device, how often the ink has to be changes or how high the monthly fees are. 


How are the printing solutions of today different? They depend on you and your needs. Bechtle will help you find the best solution for your company. To achieve your goals, printing solutions have to tailored to your needs—a unique ecosystem has to be set up based on Bechtle’s many years of experience. If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, Bechtle can help you find the answers:


  • Do you still work with physical documents, but want to automate the process between physical and digital?
  • Would an automated document workflow improve processes and reduce costs?
  • Can you reduce security risks around your print system?
  • Would you like to reduce your ecological impact and take control of your print environment?

Bechtle ensures that your investment helps you reach your goals—whether that be lowering costs, boosting productivity or gaining a competitive edge. Don’t miss out!



Bechtle has designed a new system to help our customers, the stages of which can be tailored to suit their individual requirements.

The following four steps are examples of how Bechtle can support you to setup your printing environment.


  • Evaluating the status quo: Identify devices, review contracts.
  • Network audits analyse the current printers models, print volumes and use.
  • On-site audits collect data on devices, locations, user requirements and location-specific challenges.
  • Workflow analysis of the interaction of employees/customers with the printed materials.
  • Vision for the future environment: Areas for consolidation, optimisation, functionality upgrade and security enhancement.


  • Collaborative solution design: close collaboration with our print/software partners.
  • Proof of Concept and hardware/software demos, remote or on-site.
  • Tailored recommendations that detail the print design, consolidation, cost savings/ROI and security improvements.
  • Complete objectivity thanks to our multi-vendor approach that guarantees our customers receive the best solution on the market.


  • Configurable implementation tools that can be adapted to customers’ individual needs.
  • Allocation of a Bechtle project manager who monitors the implementation and ensures a smooth switch over.
  • Testing and configuration before delivery to ensure more efficient installation and reduce disruption for users.
  • User training on the new devices and software.
  • Administrator training to ensure seamless services


  • Tailored service agreements to meet the specific requirements of each locations and department.
  • A project manager to make sure that the service levels are optimally met.
  • Service plans and continuous improvement reports.
  • Certified recycling services for used ink cartridges.

Among our recommended suppliers are ...


HP Managed Print Services reduce GHG emissions by 12%, improve resource efficiency by 13% and reduce ecosystem impacts by 12% for a multifunction colour laser printer.


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