The Bechtle Infrastructure Software portfolio.

Smart software for print management

Build a sophisticated print environment for your business using the smart print management software in our Bechtle online shop. Modern copy and print requirements call for efficient solutions. Effective print management software provides all of the services necessary for smooth, fast printing processes, enabling you to manage print jobs better and bundle resources. Discover various features and options at to optimise printing in your business.


Print management solutions by Cortado and others

Sophisticated print management offers many benefits. Not only does it enhance processes overall, it reinforces business security, for instance by enforcing data protection requirements. Our online shop offers products by various providers, such as Cortado, a pioneer in print management whose software fits every IT environment like a glove. This reduces printing headaches while automating and streamlining processes. And that means your employees waste less time on printing, focusing instead on their core responsibilities. In addition, Cortado solutions support any brand printer, so you won’t be restricted in your choice of device. 


Optimising print management

Print business documents more efficiently by optimising your print management, thereby reducing maintenance, resource consumption and inventory costs while lightening your system’s workload. Premium software is a worthwhile investment, offering benefits such as flexibility-enhancing, hassle-free mobile or cloud printing, quick results even in remote locations, end-to-end encryption, multi-level access rights and much more. Discover the various features of the software we carry at and select the solution that best meets your requirements. Our expert product managers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.