Managed Services – less administration, more business.

In today’s business environment, IT services take up a big share of the IT budget. Instead of being able to devote you your undivided attention to your business, administrative and management tasks slow you down considerably. This can often lead to the neglect of the core tasks of your IT, which pushes the more important projects to the back burner. With Bechtle Managed Services you can take back that valuable flexibility your business needs to thrive.


We currently manage over one million IT workplaces and data centre systems—an experience that you can benefit from immediately. Bechtle Managed Services offers you a multi-vendor service from a single source, and highly efficient cloud services hosted in Germany for enhanced cost-effectiveness and more flexibility. Thanks to our 70 local IT system houses, you have access to uncomplicated service on site. With Bechtle Managed Services on your side, you have a strong partner to lean on so that you can concentrate on what’s important to you: your business.

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Service Desk.

The Business Service Service Desk is your central contact point for all service requests and IT support. We're here to help you with any questions about applications, hardware, user accounts or printers. Our number one priority is the complete satisfaction of your employees.


Managed Workplace.

To ensure that computers and hardware can be relied on to work properly they require the right maintenance and always need to be updated. Whether its a stationary or mobile workplace: We make IT work.


Managed Data Centre.

Today’s computer centres have to be secure, but also highly available. Even a short system failure can slow down your business and cost you a lot of money. Our IT specialists make sure that your computer centre delivers the performance you need to be successful.


Managed Applications.

The Business Service Database ensures round-the-clock seamless, secure operability of your database. Smooth operation is guaranteed, whether your database is operated from your own IT environment or from Bechtle's computer centre.


Managed Network and Security.

Your business network has to deliver optimal performance, minimal latency, maximum security and 100% availability. Our IT specialists make sure that your network is always up and running.


Managed Installation.

The Bechtle Installation Center gives customers the option of enhancing their servers, PCs, notebooks and other end devices before they are shipped out. This includes a DOA test, changing the BIOS settings, configuring hardware, installing an operating system, and much more. Your benefit: pre-configured and tested hardware.


Maintenance & Repair.

Your corporate IT environment likely contains components from a variety of vendors and service-level agreements. So that this level of variety and flexibility stays simple for you, we take care of the service.


On-site Services.

The On-site Services offers professional solutions for networked offices. We take full responsibility for the operation of your IT infrastructure. Specialised service technicians, system engineers, help desk employees and project managers are all at your disposal for whatever requirement you have.