PC Connectivity

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                    It’s all about the right connections.

                    You can ensure your business computers are well-connected thanks to the large selection of cables in our Bechtle online shop. For your immediate PC environment, we offer keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer cables. In addition, you’ll also find FireWire and serial cables for data transmission, internal and external SAS cables, SATA cables and all the corresponding adapters.


                    Finding the right products for your PC connectivity.

                    Our Bechtle online shop carries several thousand products whose sole purpose is to connect individual hardware components, most of which are designed for PC and network connectivity. If you have a specific product in mind, simply enter it directly into the search field. If you’d rather explore your options, our extensive filter criteria will help you narrow down the vast selection in each category. In the area of PC connectivity you’ll find a number of product families, which can be pared down even further using criteria such as manufacturer, product type and key product specifications.


                    Expert advice by product managers.

                    Despite the many filter and product-comparison options in our Bechtle online shop, you may still have questions about such things as compatibility. ‘Do I need an additional adapter or gender changer? Should I buy Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 cables, and straight-through, roll-over or cross-over?' Our highly experienced product managers will be happy to assist you. Contact them directly, especially when you’re searching for comprehensive solutions and product bundles for your IT infrastructure. You can often purchase the matching connectivity products along with your PC, simplifying the selection process. And if you need to replace a cable down the road, you’ll find the corresponding product in our Bechtle online shop.