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                      Stay connected with network cards.

                      Most companies store all key data centrally. Employees are able to access this data from their respective computers by connecting to the network via a switch. The connection itself is made possible by a network card, which communicates wirelessly or by cable. Network cards are available for any local network. They vary by interface and form factor, with special network cards offered for workstations, notebooks and other end devices. In addition to their primary function—providing the physical connection to a network—they also perform other communication tasks.


                      Network cards for various uses.

                      The interfaces and controllers category in our Bechtle online shop features an extensive selection of premium network cards primarily for desktop computers and notebooks, but also for servers and storage. Data transfer rates can vary substantially, ranging from 100 Mbps to 40 Gbps. When making your selection, consider which interfaces (such as SFP+) and how many ports you need. We carry numerous brands of network cards, including Allied Telesis, Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu and, most of which are available for immediate delivery.


                      Interfaces and controllers.

                      If your PC or notebook is missing a crucial interface, adding it with the right interface card is a cinch. Our online shop offers a wide range of suitable adapters and converters, interfaces for PCI/PCIe slots and ExpressCard expansion modules for notebooks. We also offer controllers, which are responsible for various computing tasks. Available for hard drives and SSDs, they come in different form factors, speeds and interfaces. You’ll find, for example, converged network adapters (CNA) as well as SATA, SAS and Fibre Channel (FC) controllers by Fujitsu and QLogic.