Bechtle Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) – Getting to market faster.

In today’s business environment, products have to get to market faster than ever before to ensure a competitive edge. Bechtle Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) accelerates these processes in your business. Bechtle PLM is a consulting and service concept that delivers a wide range of software and hardware. The goal: To strengthen the network of the individual business segments and optimise how they work together.

The benefits of Product Lifecycle Management at a glance:

Simple product data management.

Creation of process synergies.

Increase in company performance and efficiency.

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With Bechtle PLM we offer much more than the usual core PLM components of design, production and replacement parts management, viewing your business as a complete unit.

More efficient processes. More ROI.

The time it takes to get to market from the initial concept must always get shorter moving forward, so more efficient processes are the goal. The only way to successfully set trends and stay a step ahead of the competition is to get your product to market before them. The Bechtle PLM environment helps you meet this challenge by greatly accelerating the process of getting your product to market from the very first idea.

Our PLM system at a glance – A holistic approach.

Bechtle PLM takes a holistic approach to assessing your business. We offer much more than the usual core PLM components of design, production and replacement parts management. The comprehensive solution offered by Bechtle also gives your business all the components required for your business and IT processes, including the right hardware and infrastructure.


Accelerate success with Bechtle PLM!

Being highly responsive to market volatility and sensitive to customer needs are the keys to success. So why not respond to customer requirements in real-time? Bechtle PLM accelerates your success and keeps you ahead of the pack in this age of digitalisation, automation and Industry 4.0.

Foster and concentrate on process synergies to greatly improve the performance and efficiency of your business. We accelerate your entire business process—from the first idea all the way to market readiness. The quality of information is enhanced, development stages run in parallel, physical prototypes are no longer needed and response times are improved. More flexibility than ever before.

PLM – What’s it all about? A definition.

A huge amount of data is generated during the course of a product’s life. PLM software can help organisations manage their products’ lifecycles and automate product-related data. Product lifecycle management is normally split into three stages:

  • Beginning of Life: including product and design process development.
  • Middle of Life: collaboration with suppliers and providers, warranty and product information management.
  • End of Life: Recycling, disposal and product remarketing.

To manage product data and lifecycles, many companies use PLM software to improve efficiency, drive projects forward, and avoid waste. Product lifecycle management can have an enormous influence on a product’s economic performance, but Bechtle PLM goes one step further: We consider your entire IT landscape to create an integrated solution for your business.

Bechtle Product Lifecycle Management: your one-stop shop for combined expertise.

Bechtle PLM offers consultation, planning, implementation and support and all from a single source. We provide the IT, business and product-development solutions to help you achieve exactly the digital processes you need. Plus, our experienced application consultants understand how software and hardware connect to build your integrated and secure turnkey solution fast. We protect your investments by integrating new components into your existing software and hardware landscape to create a uniform system.

Resource information – Capitalise with the right PLM solution.

The information generated at various points inside and outside of a company has to be perfectly networked, processed and always available in order to simplify management and reap the benefits. This will ensure that every employee has access to the relevant information whenever and wherever they need it, and it will give you a leg up on your competition. You’ve got the data. Bechtle PLM will make sure you can mine it for all it’s worth.

Best of all:

Bechtle PLM takes care from the beginning right through to the end, crosses all the T’s and dots all the I’s, and has one goal in mind – the sustainable success of your product. One solution for all your needs:

  • Marketing
  • Purchasing
  • Production control
  • Accounting
  • Product documentation
  • Sales
  • Manufacturing
  • Personnel management
  • IT infrastructure
  • Service
  • Product development
  • Design
  • Controlling
  • Quality assurance
  • Logistics

Mastering complexity.

Bechtle PLM always begins with a process analysis. The result of the systematic process analysis is a concept included in Bechtle’s customer-specific PLM software and hardware solutions.

Networking. Done right.

Bechtle PLM strengthens the network of communications between the individual business segments to ensure good collaboration between everyone linked to the process. We work closely with you to design your processes to meet both customer requirements and market demands.

Goal-oriented approach throughout the complete product lifecycle.

By optimising processes, Bechtle PLM frees up time and assets for your core business and product development. User-friendly interfaces and clear policies make sure that the information flow stays transparent.

What do we get with product lifecycle management?

Greater flexibility and productivity.

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