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Want to be able to use existing corporate data and information more intelligently and strategically integrate external sources at the same time? Business intelligence helps you gain better insights so you can make better operational and strategic decisions for your business. How do you simplify data management for your business? We’ll help. Let Bechtle develop a tailored business intelligence solution based on leading providers’ such as Microsoft, Qlik and Tableau tried and tested software that fits perfectly to your needs, no matter if you run a small business or a multinational corporation.

The benefits of business intelligence at a glance:

Bechtle’s business intelligence solutions replace predictions with hard facts and information enabling a raft of benefits that give your company a competitive edge, including:

Cost savings thanks to optimised internal business processes.

Increase in revenues thanks to tapping into new markets.

Reduction in risks.

Improved agility through accelerated and enhanced decision-making processes.

Better market position thanks to the early recognition and implementation of trends.

Boost in operative efficiency and value creation.

Future-ready with better planning.

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Bechtle and business intelligence:
Modules and options at a glance.

How are regional sales, and how are our products, services and competitors fairing? What are the current trends? How are material, HR and distribution costs developing? How has our liquidity developed? Which offers are profitable? Which marketing campaigns have been the most successful? Which target groups have responded through which channels? How often were machines, equipment and vehicles out of action and what were the costs? When should maintenance be carried out? How high is our employee turnover? What effects has restructuring had on costs, revenues and earnings? What is our customers’ payment history? Which of our customers are the most profitable? How reliable are our suppliers and partners? Which distribution channels offer the highest margins and volumes?

Someone who can answer all these questions and about a thousand more is in a position to make better decisions than someone, who can only guess. That’s why using Bechtle business intelligence solutions is the right choice, so why wait to leverage BI for strategic data analysis!


Modern Bechtle BI solutions offer:

Flexibility when running in the cloud or on your in-house IT system. 

You decide if the BI solution is installed in your company or prefer to use the cloud version with the following additional benefits:

  • Start straight away without any IT investments
  • Scalable according to your specific needs
  • Always the latest program versions thanks to automatic updates


Investment protection thanks to the BI solution’s modularity and components’ integration capabilities.

Bechtle business intelligence solutions combine your existing IT infrastructure with modern BI tools to create a holistic system, protecting investments you’ve already made in hardware, software and user training.

Targeted research of any data sets through interactive analyses and BI reporting.

Modern visualisation tools such as Tableau make it possible to gain an insight into your data sets quickly, from different perspectives and any aggregation layers using filter settings or drag and drop, so that you can quickly identify BI trends and get a detailed look at exceptions at the reasons behind them.


Link up and analyse practically any data source (SQL server, Excel, Hadoop, SAP, Navision, CSV, etc. – on premise or in the cloud).

Use all available information and data for your insights. Access nearly all data sets in your ERP systems, databases and individual files with cutting edge analysis tools thanks to intelligent connectors. Bundle internal and external data sources in your analyses to uncover and explain external influences on your results.

A variety of BI presentations and maps for every requirement – Make sure your company doesn’t get left behind.

Test out the different diagrams with just a few clicks of the mouse to find the results you are looking for. Visualise automatically calculated KPIs to compare revenues, costs and earnings across branches using different sizes, shapes and colours.


Intuitive operation means no special knowledge is required to use BI tools.

Simple yet powerful visualisation tools enable users from all departments to gain valuable insights within their individual workspace without any special training or programming knowledge. This means you don’t only democratise company knowledge, but also boost employee motivation and relieve the burden on central IT resources.


Free and fast troubleshooting with online resources and community.

As soon as users have their first taste of success, experience has shown that their demands quickly grow and their analyses become more complex. To make sure they don’t get stuck in a rut, there are countless numbers of online videos, documents, recorded seminars and helpful users from other companies to help them tackle the next hurdles. Of course, Bechtle and our partner are always on hand if you need us.


Secure self-service reporting with integrated rights management.

In days gone by, employees in the various departments relied on central IT to help them with special reports and analyses, which often took a long time due to backlogs and overworked IT staff and caused plenty of frustration. Thanks to modern analysis tools, colleagues can now generate and manage their own reports, queries, analyses and data sets. A sophisticated and secure rights management ensures that nobody gets their hands on information they shouldn’t.


Report automation and ad-hoc reports through live connections to data sources (one-off setup for always up-to-date data).

With traditional applications, organisations first had to extract data for a report or ad-hoc query and manually enter it into a spreadsheet before being able to analyse and visualise – a process that was both time consuming and error-prone. On top of that, the process has to be repeated every time the data changed. The solution? Modern BI tools connect directly to data sources to enable reporting. Reports only need to be created once and then they will provide up-to-date results at the click of a mouse as soon as a time period or region has been defined.


Digital analyses and dashboards on the go on tablets and smartphones.

Analyses can be created in seconds on the web and then all that’s required is a single link so that interested parties can access the latest results. The responsive diagrams and dashboards can be used from anywhere at any time from a tablet and smartphone. Gone are the days of painstakingly putting together comprehensive PDF and PowerPoint files and sending them out to extensive distribution lists.

What is business intelligence? A definition and an insight into the world of data-driven enterprise optimisation.

Business intelligence (BI) includes tools, applications and methods for the collection, processing, analysis and visualisation of data. While this is nothing new – reporting, KPIs, financial analyses, etc. have been around for a long time – in times of Big Data and IoT, it has come to be realised that the processes previously exclusively used by one or two people in finance and controlling are just as relevant for nearly every department and member of staff with the authority to make decisions. 

The Bechtle BI product and solutions portfolio – Covering all your business needs.

Business analysis for Microsoft Dynamics users: the Microsoft BI solution. Only Microsoft Dynamics users.

We offer a standardised data warehouse system based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV that processes the data from your ERP system, qualifies the data for analysis purposes and makes the data available in a standard format.

We offer the following modules:
  • Financial management
  • Corporate controlling
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse / logistics
  • Production
  • Service

We also make key performance indicators and standardised analyses available in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI or as a PDF file.

You decide how your data and analyses are visualised and presented. To afford you this freedom, we have included standardised, multidimensional OLAP cubes with the Bechtle Data Warehouse, which can be used with a visualisation tool of your choice, such as Tableau.

Already using a visualisation reporting tool? No problem with our data warehouse. Online analytical processing (OLAP) is a standard that most other BI or reporting tools also support.

Pre-configured BI solution for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP analyses: MODUS View.

Another of Bechtle’s business intelligence components is MODUS View. Built on the popular and proven analysis and reporting system, QlikSense, it delivers valuable business insights thanks to its associative in-memory search technology.

Bechtle provides you with important reports and analysis from your ERP systems, Microsoft Dynamics and SAP, that are already preconfigured for the primary categories:

  • Financial view
  • Operational excellence
  • Sales view
  • Purchasing view, and much more

We are very familiar with the most important source systems and know where and how to get the most relevant data.

Tailored packages from leading BI technology providers: Tableau.

To round off the BI offering, Bechtle also offers Tableau—a visualisation solution that counts as one of the most sophisticated BI tools in the world and receives regular awards from leading magazines and institutes. Tableau has also been ranked as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for seven years in a row.

Tableau lets you visualise corporate data in real-time, no matter which ERP system you are working with or which other internal and external data sources you’d like to analyse. Its simple and intuitive interface means the highest quality self-service reports can be generated at any workstation.

Bechtle and Tableau have put together packages that are both customer-oriented and attractively priced so you can get your Tableau BI solution up and running quickly. These include licensing packages for all necessary programs plus individual startup help and expert support.

Would you like an expert consultation on individual business intelligence products?

Want to find out more about how BI tools can drive your business forward? Get in touch and ensure you are armed with the right tools and are ready to face whatever the future brings. Contact us.

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