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                      Finding the right printer.

                      Your primary consideration when choosing a printer is its purpose. Will it be a network printer accessible by multiple employees, as is the case in many office environments? This will influence how many documents are printed daily, and paper trays should be sufficiently large. Multiple trays can also eliminate the need to constantly switch out blank copy paper for the various letterheads and templates your company uses. Multifunctional laser printers are the best option for this scenario as they serve as true document hubs, offering several additional features. including fax and scan capabilities as well as PIN-protected document access. Explore your options in our Bechtle online shop.


                      Brands, service warranties and other offers.

                      Bechtle carries printers by several major brands, including Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark and Xerox. If you prefer a particular manufacturer, you can narrow down this selection by using the convenient filter in our online shop. As your printers will be used heavily on a daily basis, it’s important to consider the various services available for each brand. You can see which warranties and additional services are offered directly in the product details. Other key specifications are also indicated, allowing you to compare the maximum print volumes, print speeds and paper capacities of your preferred choices. Simply decide which criteria are most important for you and make your selection accordingly.


                      Special-purpose printers.

                      Standard office printers aren’t always able to meet special requirements. In this case, you’ll need specialised devices such as 3D printers, card printers, POS printers, label printers (also available in mobile versions) or large-format printers. Laser printing isn’t the only method available, and the advantages presented by other technologies make them office staples as well. For instance, gel printers are perfect for duplex printing as the gel ink dries quickly. Dot-matrix printers, on the other hand, produce indelible results and enable carbon copies. Mobile thermal direct printers don’t need any toner, drums or ink ribbons, reducing the cost of consumables. Our product managers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.