room management and much more.

Optimise your room usage, event management and resource management to ensure that your events are perfectly organised and successful.


BELOS© is professional, flexible event and room booking software. Use it to streamline organisational tasks such as booking rooms and requesting resources while conveniently planning and managing all of the processes linked to your events, training courses and meetings. It’s easy to book a desk with BELOS©.


Room and resource booking through integration with Microsoft Outlook/Exchange.

Plan, book and manage events, meetings, appointments and all the catering and resources you need directly from your Microsoft Outlook/Exchange calendar. Maximum flexibility with BELOS© without disruptive multi-application workflows. 

BELOS smartDisplay

Digital door signs for Microsoft Exchange.

BELOS© smartDisplay shows if meeting rooms are occupied or not on a digital door sign. BELOS© smartDisplay fetches scheduled meetings directly from your Exchange Server and automatically puts them on the screens.

BELOS© features a modular structure that is able to mirror your specific processes. Developed on the basis of real-life requirements, BELOS© is a simple, transparent, powerful, dynamic room management solution for businesses that is constantly being enhanced and optimised.


BELOS© Basis.

Professional room and booking management.


Optimised room usage. 

Book your meeting rooms quickly, easily and intuitively directly in your personal calendar using the BELOS© Outlook add-in, in IBM Notes, via BELOS© in your browser or as an app on your phone.


Booking rooms.

Rooms can be booked for tentative dates. You’ll simply be asked to confirm the booking before that date in order to avoid blocking rooms unnecessarily.


Seating options.

You can make various seating options available for each room and possible number of participants. Users simply select the configuration required for their event with the click of their mouse. The staff members responsible for setting up the selected configuration will then be notified by e-mail or directly in BELOS.


Set-up time.

You can assign each room a standard amount of time for set-up before the event and take-down afterwards. This time is then added on to the actual event. However, you can manually override it at any time.


Room permissions.

Each room can be assigned to a person or group authorised to approve bookings. Users will then either be given the option to book the room directly or they will have to obtain authorisation from the person responsible for the room.


Room clusters.

BELOS© is able to optimally manage room clusters, which consist of multiple partitions of a single room joined together. When a cluster is booked, all spaces within that cluster are also booked automatically to ensure that individual room partitions are not double-booked. Every user is given a transparent overview of the various cluster options.


Recurring events.

Bookings can be scheduled recurrently. In this case, BELOS© checks the room’s availability on all the recurring dates. You can make changes to a recurring event, choosing whether that change applies to the entire series or just a single date.


Filters and statistics.

Filters and statistics are available to help you evaluate room usage, number of bookings and the departments or cost centres each booking was assigned to. Reports and statistics are fully customisable to meet your specific requirements.


BELOS© Room.

Perfect room management and facilitate bookings.



Whether you have just 2 rooms or 2,000, this module helps you record them properly and configure them to reflect their specific characteristics. Take room clusters, for example. BELOS© is able to professionally manage the different sections of a single room divided by partitions.


Seating options.

Define each room’s seating options and capacity in advance. BELOS© will then systematically apply these criteria when users search for rooms.


Owner rights.

In many companies, rooms are assigned to specific departments. These departments, or their representatives, should be able to decide who is allowed to book their rooms. Depending on the room ownership structure you have defined, an integrated process automatically transmits a booking request to the room owner. Requests can be made, approved and declined in your Outlook or Notes clients.



Determine which of your rooms are easily accessible and make this selection criterion available to your employees.


BELOS© Attendees.

Turn your reception area into a showcase for your company.



External guests are recorded and assigned to bookings during the planning stage. This gives your receptionists a quick overview of all expected visitors and their contacts, as well as all information required for the event, including meeting rooms, whether the visitor requires overnight accommodation, etc.


Visitor IDs.

Quickly and easily print professional and personalised visitor badges using your own templates. If needed, you can also include a barcode indicating the assigned cost centre, for example to simplify paying for meals in your company restaurant.


Registration confirmation and informational e-mails.

When an attendee registers, you can send them an automated confirmation e-mail containing key information such as a map with directions, the event location and time, etc. These informational e-mails can also be recorded in table format, for example to give the speaker a list of attendees.


Check-in and check-out.

Your visitors and event attendees can be checked in and out with a simple click or QR code scan. This ensures that you can see at any time which visitors are currently in your building. You can also use these data to generate visitor-frequency statistics for example.


Attendance lists.

Quickly and easily generate an attendance list for your event or training, which you can have attendees sign, for example.


Hotel reservations.

The BELOS© Attendees module lets your employees directly manage reservation requests for their guests and visitors. It supports both reservations for individual rooms and entire blocks of hotel rooms, for example for large events.


Connecting existing address databases.

Use your existing address databases or CRM systems to migrate attendee data into BELOS©.


Sending invitations through BELOS©.

Send iCal format calendar invitations for training courses or events to in-house attendees, who can then accept or decline them with a simple click. The current status of accepted and declined invitations is immediately available in BELOS©.


Guest Wi-Fi.

Want to give your guests Wi-Fi access? By linking data from the BELOS© Attendees module with your WLAN system, access information can be automatically created and added to the guest ID, and access credentials are automatically revoked when the guest checks out.


Safety briefing.

Information on whether your visitors and guests have undergone a safety briefing is stored in BELOS©. After a pre-determined time period has elapsed, reception staff are informed that the visitor has to complete the briefing once again.


BELOS© Display.

Connecting digital room signage, welcome displays and visitor guide systems.


Welcome displays.

Greet your guests with an digital reception display as soon as they enter your building. You can welcome them by name or select a general welcome message, for example for large events.
BELOS© Display gives your visitors and employees all the information they need.


Digital directions & visitor guide systems.

Effortlessly guide your guests to their meeting room or event location using digital guide systems.


Digital door signs.

Use state-of-the-art displays hung directly at the entrance of your rooms to indicate which events or meetings are currently in progress, as well as when upcoming events are scheduled to begin. You can also specify additional information such as speakers, attendees and much more. Decide which rooms can also be booked spontaneously through the door display. Want to reduce no shows by avoiding rooms being booked and then no-one using them? Then BELOS© arrival confirmation is for you. Once a pre-determined period of time has elapsed since the start of the meeting, the room will once again be made available if the meeting has not been confirmed to take place on the digital sign. Managed to wrap things up earlier than expected? Simply tap to end the meeting on the door sign so that it can be booked by someone else.


Time-controlled displays.

Decide for yourself the order in which information is to be displayed on your various displays, as well as for how long.


Desk sharing displays.

Using the small yet modern displays, your mobile workforce can book a desk on the fly and make them available again as they leave. Our desk sharing displays are equipped with LEDs so that everyone can see whether a desk has already been booked or not.


Corporate design.

All displays will be designed to reflect your corporate design using CSS.


Additional information.

You can also use your displays to show promotional videos of your business or slideshows, presenting topics that are important to you. BELOS© also offers many additional options to enhance your display content.


BELOS© Desk Sharing.

Book a desk in just a few clicks.


Easy to manage and book.

BELOS4web Desk Sharing makes it quick and easy to book a desk. View availability for specific dates and times through the BELOS© web interface and book your spot


Overview monitors.

View the number of available and booked desks per building, floor and room  and book your desk with just a few taps on the touch display.


Room monitors.

Similar to floor and overview monitors, room monitors, you can use room monitors to show the available and booked desks per room.



You decide for how long and when a desk can be booked, how many are available and where they are located.


BELOS© Catering.

A catering module that connects to external service providers.


Catering catalogue.

Select your catering from a catalogue that can be defined as needed for each site.


Standard packages.

Define standard catering packages your employees can book with the click of a mouse for meetings or whole-day events.


Multiple catering providers.

You can select a specific catering provider for each site—regardless of whether you use external providers or in-house services.


Automatic quantity adjustments.

The catering quantity is automatically adjusted if you change the number of event attendees. The number of accepted or declined invitations from BELOS© Attendees is also taken into account.



Select whether the catering should be ready before the start of the appointment or should be delivered at a certain time, for example.


BELOS© Resources.

A resource and service module connecting providers.


Resource management.

In the Resources module, you can store all the resources, tools and other items you need for your appointments and events, as well as services that are necessary for preparation, implementation or follow-up.


Room-dependent resources.

Different rooms often offer different technical capabilities. BELOS© takes this into account. A speaker system or stage, for example, can only be booked for rooms able to accommodate them. Define in advance which equipment, such as smart displays, projectors or presentation technology, is permanently available in which rooms.

Room service.

BELOS© lets you book not only equipment (available in specific quantities), but also a variety of services, some of which can be provided across multiple rooms. These include laying out informational material and booking wardrobe or security services, etc.


Set-up time.

If necessary, you can define custom set-up and take-down times for each of the resources you’ve configured. This ensures that no one books the required room during the time needed to set up PCs for a training course, for example.



Assign different providers to your resources, for example by type. These providers, who are responsible for setting up and taking down resources, will receive automated e-mails containing their upcoming tasks for the next few days. Alternatively, you can also notify providers about current tasks directly in the program view and print task lists.


Automatic follow-up bookings.

Your event may require more than one piece of equipment. If not all required quantities were available at the time of the original booking, these are automatically booked once additional resources are freed up, for example when another request is cancelled.


Visitor parking spaces.

Assign your visitors a parking space as soon as they make an appointment. In combination with the Display module, you can even equip parking spaces with electronic displays.


BELOS© Outlook add-in.

Full integration with your personal Outlook calendar.


Room booking, media and more.

Book or request rooms, media, catering, vehicles and much more directly in your own Outlook calendar.


Quick access to equipment, services and catering.

Easily select accessory packages, such as room equipment, services or catering. You can also record external attendees directly while booking.


Quick access for room information and rescheduling.

All bookings are taken into account when an event is rescheduled. Get access to room information, such as pictures, layout, location in building or equipment.


BELOS© Fleet.

Centralised management of pool vehicles and direct booking through your calendar.


Book and request vehicles.

The BELOS© Fleet module lets users book a pool vehicle directly, or submit a booking request, depending on the permissions you have previously configured. BELOS© determines if a person can request a specific vehicle or merely pick from a vehicle category based on their individual permissions.


Booking periods.

BELOS© Fleet enables users to indicate any booking period lasting longer than 24 hours.

For example they can indicate that they will pick up the vehicle at 4pm on Monday and drop it off at 10am on Wednesday. Vehicles can also be booked on a recurrent basis.


Approval process.

Car pool management approves and/or assigns requested vehicles using an approval process. This workflow also handles change requests.

Vehicle and key hand-over, verification of driving licence.

The hand-over and return of the vehicle and its keys, including the specific time, are documented in the car pool module. You can also enable the option to require that driving licences be verified.


Rental vehicles.

In addition to existing pool vehicles, you can integrate requests for rental vehicles into the process. The request, hand-over and return of rental vehicles are simplified, and BELOS© also supports one-way processes—in other words just the hand-over or just the return of the vehicle.



Various operating data and key dates, such as technical inspections, leasing end-dates, etc., can be recorded for each pool vehicle. This information is then made available to car pool management in a central calendar.


BELOS© Events.

Plan and organise your in-house events.


Central event overview.

Use the BELOS© Events module to group together multiple bookings related to an event or events spanning several days. This could be an event that includes multiple time slots in a single day, or a training seminar offered regularly. This allows you to quickly and easily display on which days your product training courses are scheduled, for example, who has registered for which training date and which dates still have open spots.


Integrated task management.

For each event type, record a task list from which you can assign tasks to employees and stay up to date on their progress. The individual tasks can be assigned to employees using Lotus Notes ToDo and, with BELOS4web Version 4.5 or later, also as an Outlook task.


Attendance and other certificates.

Create templates for documents you wish to print for event attendees. This is done for BELOS4notes using your existing Microsoft Word templates and mail merge with attendee data. Documents are saved directly in BELOS© so you can use them again at a later date. When you use BELOS4web, this comes bundled with the professional BIRT form generator to create templates.


Planning documents.

Add files such as the agenda, calculations, presentations and attendee documents for your event. This helps avoid time-consuming searches for required documents on your file system.


Event templates.

Recurring events, including the required data and documents, can be saved as a template for the future with BELOS4notes. This cuts down on planning time by providing access to templates and information from previous events.


Publish events.

Publish your events, seminars and other important dates with the click of a mouse on your website in conjunction with the BELOS© online registration module, allowing attendees and guests to register themselves.


BELOS© Online Registration.

Your platform for attendee management.



After creating an event in the BELOS© Event module and publishing it online, interested parties can inform themselves and sign up for the event online. These registrations automatically appear in BELOS© and can be accepted after a quick check which then changes the attendee’s status from “Online registration” to “Registered”.


Accessing event date information.

People interested in taking a training course offered on a recurrent basis are able to register for specific dates and times. When planning the event, you can access information about which time slots are most popular, allowing you to assign rooms large enough to handle the group size.


BELOS© Feedback.

Your platform for feedback management.


Custom feedback surveys.

Create your own feedback surveys for events, deciding whether or not to group questions by topic. You can ask custom questions about the event or topics and define the answer format yourself. These can include, for example, ratings on a scale, smilies, yes/no or free-form responses—anything is possible with BELOS© Feedback.


Submit feedback online.

Attendees can submit surveys either on their own mobile device (you’ll simply provide a QR code or link) or one supplied by you. Surveys are fully anonymous and easy to complete, ensuring that you’ll receive more—and higher-quality—event feedback.

In addition, you can choose to ask for any type of information, not just event-related. Ask your customers or business partners questions about specific topics to obtain a clear picture of the situation and make an informed decision.

You can also conduct a general customer satisfaction survey or ask about their need for new products or services. The possibilities are virtually endless.


Survey results.

Do away with the tedious task of compiling survey results manually. BELOS© Feedback automatically generates a summary of survey responses, giving you a transparent overview of the results in no time. Not only will this save you hours of work, it also minimises potential errors.


BELOS© Invoicing.

Create a detailed breakdown of the rooms, resources and vehicles booked, as well as the catering and other services ordered.


Price configuration.

The prices for each room, resource, catering item or vehicle can be recorded centrally for invoicing purposes.


Invoice attachment.

Generate invoice attachments for specific events or several events organised by the same person/department over a defined time period. All of the costs relating to this event or time period are displayed as individual invoice items. Each invoice item can be edited to reflect discounts or specific flat rates. Additional invoice items can also be added manually. The document thus generated provides a detailed outline of the invoiced costs, which is then attached to the invoice from your ERP system.



Invoice items, including those added manually (see above), can be exported to other systems via standard interfaces such as LEI, DECS, etc.


BELOS© Tours.

Informative thematic tours and plant visits.



Choose the topics important to the tour, such as key product lines, as well as the scope and the languages.



You’ll be sure to always select an employee with the right skills to guide each tour.



Quickly and easily verify the availability of your guides and book them directly in BELOS©.



Those responsible in each department to be visited during a tour are automatically notified.

Room booking the way it should be.

BELOS© supports you in managing rooms and automates complex processes ranging from booking requests to room cleaning. It allows you to define room clusters and capacities, automates the management of seating options, links to catering providers, automatically calculates set-up and take-down times and integrates with Microsoft Exchange and IBM Domino. In addition, it takes into account location-specific information, facilitates dynamic display controls and provides digital room signage. The list of features is as long as your company’s potential scenarios.

Desk sharing.

Do you keep a certain number of desks free for your mobile workforce? Then make sure these colleagues benefit from ta simple and quick way to book a shared desk, either directly from a kiosk terminal, via a web interface, from the desk itself using our touch screen displays or from their Outlook calendars. A central overview monitor rounds off the package and gives a clear insight into the number of available and booked desks.

Event management at every step of the way.

Perfect room management and meeting room booking entails careful planning and organisation, which often begins long before you even set a date. BELOS© supports you from the initial idea stage, helping you with scheduling and managing all processes the day of your event, so you can focus on what’s important.

Seminar management.

Organise and manage all attendees for both one-off and recurring training seminars. With BELOS©, you can print visitor IDs, certificates and event documents as well as plan for and provide the required resources and documents for your event.

Professional reception and visitor management.

First impressions count, so make sure you greet your guests professionally with BELOS©. With optimised room management, exceptional visitor management and a friendly smile, every guest will feel welcome and valued. Leave room management to BELOS© while you take care of the visitors. Used with free-standing digital signage or a display at your reception desk, BELOS© provides everything from personalised welcome messages for guests to digital signposts guiding them to their destination and digital door signs to let them know they’ve arrived.

Digital door signs.

Thanks to the integration of BELOS© room management software with Microsoft Outlook, you can not only book rooms and services directly in your own calendar, but also feed meeting and event information to a variety of displays. The red and green LEDs on the electronic door display let you know from afar whether a room is occupied or available. BELOS© also lets you quickly and easily book rooms on the spot, confirm the start of your event or indicate that a meeting has ended directly on the digital touch display. This ensures optimal use of your resources.

Cross-platform room management software.

BELOS© room booking software is available in two versions to facilitate adoption by any company. BELOS4web offers cutting-edge web technologies to integrate with your existing system or to enable a platform-independent deployment. When used with the BELOS© Outlook add-in, you can book rooms directly in your own Microsoft Outlook client. We also offer BELOS4notes for integration with an IBM Notes/Domino environment.


See for yourself.

Explore the features of our BELOS© room management software and discover how easy room booking can be by taking advantage of our online trial version. Try it out and see for yourself how much easier room management can be with BELOS©! Before you get started, allow one of our consultants to demonstrate the broad scope of opportunities for appointment planning, room booking and event follow-up on-site.
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