In order to evolve in a sea of data, you have to think big.

With growth rates of 30-40% per year1, data lakes are becoming oceans.

You need to think big to make sure you don’t get lost at sea and can protect your environment.

Secure and archive data with proven, reliable and thoroughly tested HPE storage media for your backups.

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The new HPE LTO-9 Ultrium 45 TB tape cartridges offer enormous capacities so that you can manage your data offline, with isolated protection against cyberattacks and very low long-term TCO2.


When used as part of an active archiving strategy, LTO-9 technology enables you to explore your archives in depth without any hidden recovery costs, no matter where the data are stored. 


What’s new.


  • Huge increase in capacity – 620% greater than the native capacity of LTO-6 (LTO-9 = 18 TB compared to LTO-6 = 2.5 TB)
  • Considerable performance boost – 3.6 TB/hr storage possible with LTO-9 (full height only) compared to 2.7 TB/hr with LTO-8
  • Integrated AES-256 bit encryption (IEEE1619.1) (LTO-5, LTO-6, LTO-7, LTO-8 and LTO-9) – Guaranteed FIPS 140-2 Level 1 certification.


Reliable offline media creates an air gap so that cyber criminals can’t get at your data.

Authorities such as the FBI recommend keeping data offline, because they are then isolated from the network and therefore inaccessible to even the best attackers, who exploit digital networks to hack businesses in order to encrypt their master data and backups.

Built-in AES-256 bit encryption (LTO-5 to LTO-9) offers additional security for data saved on tapes.

Lower TCOs for long-term archiving.

According to an ESG whitepaper entitled “The Economic Benefits of HPE StoreEver as Active Archival Storage” published in August 2020, over a period of ten years, LTO tape technology works out to be over 80% less expensive than pure hard drive or cloud solutions with a 1 PB archive growing by 10% every year.

HPE guarantees an archive life of up to 30 years for its LTO Ultrium tape cartridges, helping companies to fulfil the ever more complex statutory requirements for data storage and archiving.

The biggest capacities and best performance of all comparable tape technologies.

HPE LTO-9 Ultrium tape cartridges write and read up to 3.6 TB per hour. Up to 45 TB* can be saved, encrypted and protected on one cartridge alone—perfect for large, enterprise-critical IT environments available round the clock (*capacity with an assumed compression of 2.5:1).

Highly reliable storage media.

Tape is far more reliable than SATA with its bit error rate (BER) of 1x1019 for LTO-8 compared with 1x1015 for SATA hard drives. In other words, tapes, are 10,000 times more reliable than enterprise SATA hard drives.



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1 Discovering LTO Tape’s Role in Modernizing Data Protection, IDC & LTO Program, July 2021

2 “The Economic Benefits of HPE StoreEver as Active Archival Storage,” Enterprise Strategy Group, August 2020


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