Samsung ViewFinity.
A benchmark for high resolution.

Productive, precise, powerful.

Samsung’s ViewFinity delivers innovative experiences that can unlock the potential of business professionals,
content creators, and even graphic designers, with technology that brings any vision to life like never seen before.

A versatile lineup provides a choice to match your exact use cases and needs.
Choose the high-resolution monitor with features and specifications that will elevate your interactions.


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Lifelike colors with crystal-clear accuracy.

Experience details with vivid and vibrant. Accuracy thanks to innovative color technology.

That recreates every scene with. Real-world accuracy regardless of screen real estate.

  • 98% DCI_P3 coverage
  • HDR 600 VESA certified
  • 1.07B Color Support
Clear even during the day.

Edit and review content clearly even in bright daylight. With the world’s first blare-free monitor certified by UL, Matte Display technology enables professionals to review and edit with consistent levels of brightness and colors even without a monitor hood.

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Expanded space, defined detail.

Do more with your space.

A wider workspace unlocks more possibilities while versatile screen display options increase productivity for efficient ideation and creation.

  • UHD 3840x2160
  • X4 More Picels than FHD
  • PBP Display Inputs from 2 PCs Simultaneously
  • PIP Quik & Ease Screen Split
Complete docking for cleaner workspaces.

Acting as a docking station, cables and peripherals can be connected directly to the monitor, creating a clutter-free workspace that delivers on all your connectivity needs, from power to multi-screen setups.


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