Kodak Capture PRO Software Group E 3Y


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    The Kodak Capture Pro Software optimises data collection through fast information capture customised to suit your individual business processes. It includes exception checking, advanced indexing and expert extraction, while providing a network solution to considerably reduce manual processing during and after scanning. Other highlights: - Ideal for imaging purposes, form editing and workflow applications - Automatic job and profile switching -Transmission to Enterprise Content Management systems, Microsoft SharePoint and FTP servers - Flexible mark recognition - Reads barcodes - Automatic correction and high quality image capture Suitable for i4650, i4850, i5250 Duration: 3 years Please note: Kodak Capture Pro Software works seamlessly with scanners from other manufacturers.

    Kodak Capture PRO Software Group E 3Y

    Product typeLicence
    Duration3 years
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    Country variantEurope