Apple Leasing Upgrade

The best upgrade ever.  


Selecting the right mobile platform is a key decision for every company.
Upgrade now and benefit from attractive financing options by Apple Financial Services.

No matter if you’re implementing a new strategy or need to get the latest Apple technologies up and running as quickly as possible, Apple Financial Services can help support your business in long-term planning and short-term changes. 

Save money.

Apple products stand out from the competition due to their guaranteed high resale value and the instalments are more affordable than you think as the monthly costs are covered by revenues generated or you can pay the full amount at the beginning of the contract. Whatever you choose, you’ll pay less than when purchasing a new device.

Reliable planning.

Keep an eye on costs with clearly defined instalments. that enable you to plan for the long term on the basis of calculable costs. You save initial equity and have the budget for other necessary investments such as services, accessories and apps.

Always the latest hardware.

Nothing is older than yesterday’s new hardware. With a financing contract, you always have the latest Apple devices so that your company and employees remain at the cutting edge.

Fairness and transparency.

Contract conditions are fair and reasonable without any hidden costs or catches. You don’t even need to worry about the small print! You can even use the devices free of charge between their delivery and the start of the contract!

Full flexibility with a financing contract.

You have the choice: Renew your hardware in the second year. Return the hardware, buy the product at market value or extend the contract and receive brand new devices! The choice is yours. More flexibility than ever before.

Work anywhere, on anything with the iPad.

No matter how or where you work with Teams, the iPad supports every company. Staff can multi-task in several apps, scan and sign documents on the go, jot down notes with the Apple Pencil and use hundreds of integrated features and thousands of third-party apps you need for your business.

  • With the incredible Apple M1 Chip on iPad Pro and the powerful A14 Bionic Chip, you get plenty of power for the apps you use every day. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Microsoft Office for your daily work or Adobe Photoshop CC for a creative project.
  • iPad models have a battery life of up to 10 hours to get you through a busy working day.
  • Stay connected with fast Wi-Fi and optional Gigabit-capable LTE. You can even print, project and send files wirelessly.
  • Use several apps at once on the iPad with slide over, split view and picture-in-picture.
  • Connect accessories to your iPad Pro and iPad Air with USB Type-C.
  • The iPad can do everything a computer can, but is much more intuitive. No matter if you want to concentrate on a certain app or use several at the same time, all it takes is a few easy taps of the finger. Move objects from one app to the other with drag and drop or simply swipe between apps.
  • The newly developed iPadOS means you’ll soon forget you are working on a tablet.
  • Use it with a keyboard, trackpad and Apple Pencil.

Any questions? Feel free to contact our specialist

Louis Criquet-Carbillet

Apple Business Manager

Phone: +33 3 67 07 97 13


Louis Criquet-Carbillet

Apple Business Manager

Phone: +33 3 67 07 97 13